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"In success you deserve it and in defeat, you need it" — Winston Churchill on Champagne

Coffee And Champagne explores the style of how New York City eats. It’s not about restaurant reviews, it’s about following my dining experiences. From easy-going to extravagant restaurants, to one-on-one cooking experiences with executive chefs, to homemade uniquely developed recipes, to behind the scenes of exciting events, I’m giving you all a peek into this flavorful culinary world. Explore with me!


These are not the chronicles of an expert rather, this is me enjoying my journey towards becoming one. Whether I’m cooking with a chef while furiously scribbling down notes, or off toasting great people at even greater events while mentally noting every detail down to the folds in the napkins, or when I write about my restaurant experience from cocktails through dessert, or building a unique recipe, discover it all with me.


A born and raised New Yorker, I grew up eating far too much takeout —blah, I know. I’m not entirely sure of the exact moment when the switched clicked, but once it did, one bite quickly led to the next—exciting flavors and intriguing pairings—and I couldn’t get enough!

Writing about the New York culinary scene is about style, flare and a genuine desire to know the city that raised me inside and out. This is my ode to my city and all of the delicious eats that come out of it.




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