Coffee And Champagne is my excuse to explore what amazing food is out there—here you’ll find a chronicle of my favorite finds.
— Michelle Williams Founder of Coffee And Champagne

At its core, Coffee And Champagne is a blog that explores the lifestyle of how New Yorkers eat. Always from a first person perspective, I, Michelle, along with occasional guest writers, write about my experiences dining in my favorite restaurants, having one-on-one cooking experiences with executive chefs, developing homemade recipes, exploring behind the scenes of exciting events—I'm giving my awesome readers culinary recommendations and an insider's peek behind the curtain of this ever evolving culinary world. Explore it all with me first!

These are not the chronicles of an expert, rather, this is me enjoying my journey towards becoming one. Whether I’m cooking with a chef while furiously scribbling down notes in my tattered notebook that is constantly being shoved into my overstuffed purse, off sharing a toast with people I never thought I was important enough to be in the same room as at a once-in-a-lifetime event where I’m constantly reminding myself not to drink too much bubbly or I’ll blur the experience too much to write about it, exploring a restaurant and noting the experience from coffee to champagne and all of the deliciousness that lies in between, or developing a unique recipe in my newly gut-renovated kitchen, I love knowing that you’re there living it all with me!

I’m a born and raised New Yorker that grew up eating far too much takeout—to be clear, I’m talking back in the day takeout. If you’ve lived in this city in the 80s and 90s, you know that Chinese food delivery from a restaurant that if you tentatively set foot into in person you were terrified of the mutant you would turn into. I mean if a simple spider bite could turn Peter Parker into Spiderman what the what would happen to you with the, let's say, "happenings" growing inside—blah, I know. I’m not entirely sure of the exact moment when the switched clicked, but once it did, I became a food explorer! One bite quickly led to the next, I was mesmerized by the intricacies of flavors and how they could be paired. I couldn’t—and still can’t—get enough!

Writing about the New York culinary scene is about style, flare and a genuine desire to know and explore the city that raised me inside and out. This is my ode to my city and all of the delicious eats that come out of it.



I identify as so many different things, blogger, influencer, food writer, founder, owner, explorer—name it, you’re probably spot on.


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I do focus heavily on content for social media. It’s my way of showing more of the Coffee And Champagne brand both behind the scenes and in more playful ways. See me on Instagram as @coffeeandchampagne, Twitter as @coffeeandchamps, Pinterest as @coffeeandchamps and Facebook at


Clients And Partnerships

I work with amazing brands and companies on a regular basis for both features on as well as for social campaigns. I only work with companies I relate to, believe in and find exciting in one way or another. I’m always open to a conversation so please reach out, I’d love to hear from you! Reach out to me directly through the contact form or via email at michelle(@)

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While Coffee And Champagne is heavily New York City focused, I do travel quite a bit to explore the flavors that are happening everywhere else. I love to get inspiration for future recipes while also getting some of the chefs I meet along the way to contribute recipes of their own to the Coffee And Champagne website. Plus, I find it a really great way to work with different kinds of brands in a more lifestyle centric way.



Yes, I work with fashion brands. I’m a New York City girl, of course I like to look awesome wearing something new and trend setting—always have and always will. I have my own style that I identify as classic with an edge most days. I’m always looking to show off full looks for the “what I wear to [insert a specific restaurant]” or “taking sometime at the pool in my awesome new bikini from [insert super cool brand]". For fashion brands, it has proven to be a great way to seamlessly integrate with a different kind of style savvy targeted audience



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Canon Rebel t5i with several lenses my favorite of which is a Sigma.


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Pitch me! I'm always looking to add more writers to my team. If you have an idea that you think works well for Coffee And Champagne, I so want to hear it! Reach out to me directly through the contact form or via email at michelle(@)



If you're into the idea of interning for Coffee And Champagne, tell me what makes you a great fit. Connect with me directly through the contact form or via email at michelle(@)




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