Coffee And Champagne Fitness to Food Event

Ah, push it, p-push it real good
— Salt N Pepa

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This is not my first rodeo when it comes to hosting a food and fitness event, but I must say, it gets better and better every time! I love gathering a great group of friends and colleagues from different parts of my life for a experience and then follow it with bubbly and bites where they have this common ground to use as an icebreaker when mingling.

You may be wondering, "why fitness and not some other less sweaty activity?". Well, firstly, I'm so game to make other experiences happen. In this case, fitness is a huge part of my life. I identify with it. I'm constantly workout hard so I can eat everything I want. And, I wanted to share this behind the scenes lifestyle aspect of Coffee And Champagne with my people.

Concept defined, class set and the rest was a no-brainer. A lot of what I do when I’m on the move collecting the content to write my features here for you involves chatting with the awesome faces of the restaurants I go to. With so much respect for what they do and the amazing establishments they have created, any time I host an event of this kind, those people that I’ve become friends with are the first I think to reach out to. It’s my way of extending our partnership and really shining a light on what they are doing to a new food loving audience. So, in one hour of making this plan, I reached out to my friends at The Meatball ShopThe Press ShopBaked By Melissa and Barefoot Wine & Bubbly and, in that hour, they were all in! It’s awesome, cause for them, it was a no-brainer, too! Ugh, it’s such a love fest! I can’t even.

The class was way too much fun. Looking around the room and seeing all of my friends, took it all to the next level. They for sure brought their A game. Glowing in our own sweat, we were off to the bites part of the event. We popped bottle after bottle of Barefoot’s bubblies, stuffed our faces with balls, ‘wiches and cupcakes and mingled. Watching my friends from different parts of my life hanging out together with this common experience to chat about as an ice breaker while gluttonously indulging in the most delicious array of The Meatball Shop’s chicken and pesto meatballs, beef alfredo balls, buffalo balls mashed potatoes, pasta; The Press Shop’s Little Havanna, Bahn Meats World, #Thankful, Country Club and their newest slaw; Baked By Melissa’s Valentine’s Day cupcakes; and of course Barefoot Wine & Bubbly’s Brut and Rosé Sparkling Wines—I couldn’t have asked for more.

Friends, if you’re reading this, get ready, you know I’m all about doing this again! Love you all!