Dessert Professional Magazine Names The #TopTen Pastry Chefs

A few months ago, I wrote my article My Chocolate Filled Afternoon with Executive Pastry Chef Miro Uskokovic all about my time spent in the Gramercy Tavern's Pastry Kitchen.

After such a wonderful experience, let's fast forward a bit to present day, well, last Friday when I get an email from him inviting me to come and celebrate him and nine additional pastry chefs from around the country. Spoiler alert: of course I went!

These ten pastry chefs received the one of the highest honor that Dessert Professional Magazine givesโ€”the top ten pastry chef awards.

Structured in the way that gluttonous gourmands love best, the award ceremony led by Keegan Gerhard of DBar lasted roughly five minutes.

The remaining two hours were spent taking deep breaths before demolishing decadent delicious desserts that were handcrafted by each chef specifically for this event.

Get your napkin's ready because what's about to come is beyond drool worthy!

Bet you're wishing you were living that first bite moment right now (just like me)! Yum!

Thank you, chefs! And, thank you Dessert Professional for having me! What an incredibly delicious event!