Fit Foodie Friends, A C&C X Equinox Event

I can’t feel my arms
— text from Whitney Ferguson the following morning

What a fun fitness and food event! With the storming rain the night before and morning of, I found myself wishing and praying to anyone who would listen for it all to clear up in time for it. Thank goodness it did! With a damp rooftop, I followed in the lead of the Equinox experts and moved the fitness portion of the event indoors for the safety of all of the guests with the plan to  move on up to the roof after the class and mingle over awesome bites on the rooftop. And, so we did!

Listening to energetic pop music, in a high ceiling windowed room with natural light pouring in, we geared up for Scott Kolb's 30/60/90 Equinox class. Saying that he "kicked our butts" is an complete and utter understatement. Feeling the sense of accomplishment by physically being able to make it out of the classroom on two feet after all of those "hopscotch, drop, hand on the bench, push up, pop up, again, faster now" moments was priceless—especially, since Scott told us that he was going to give us the beginner's version of the class. With all of the fitness buffs in the room, I don't think a single one was in their immediate comfort zone which was what made it so fun!

Now, sweat clad chic, we headed up to the rooftop for some much earned fresh air and bites. And what a lovely rooftop it is!

It was only once we began refueling on Luna and Clif protein filled bars that we were able to fully appreciate our cityscape surroundings. Not only were they the perfect pick-me-up but there was a flavor for every single person's taste preferences. Not to mention, they looked super pretty set up on the table.

Once reenergized, we all hovered around the Uma Temakeria platters eager to sample, albeit, demolish the exciting looking super fresh cone shaped hand-rolled bites. They were nearly too delicious.

I looked up for a hot second from eating mine and saw that every single guest had one in their hands and was happily eating away—of course, I smuggled some home for dinner.

"If it wasn't for this, I'd be sitting on my couch for another four hours watching TV"—Matthew Mack (FYI, that was totally said in a thanking tone and not a wishful thinking kind of way—hehe!)

Cheers to a challenging and exciting workout and delicious rooftop eats on a, what turned out to be, lovely Sunday afternoon!

Many thanks, again, to Scott Kolb, EquinoxUma TemakeriaLuna Bar & Clif Bar for being such incredible sponsors!