Free People Gather Gathering

Walking into The Foundry, this event space I have now been to on several occasions, I knew I was in for a special night. The space had been completely transformed with vines and stars hanging from the ceiling over two wooden communal tables decorated with sequined runners and flowers, I myself had been outfitted in their new Queen Of Hearts holiday dress and teleported, via uber, into the pages of a Free People catalogue and I never ever wanted to escape from.

The night only got better as I mingled with the people behind the brand. I came to realize that I didnโ€™t love Free People enough. It is now my goal to love them even more. That was easy. Done! These are a group of insightful people, driven people and people who are constantly pushing the envelope to not only include their passions but to enrich the Free People brand as a whole. This night alone was an example of just that.

In celebration of their new concept FP Gather, the people of Free People gathered a group of New York City lifestyle bloggers and influencers to enjoy a vegetarian dinner made with produce harvested from a farm they are affiliated with, the Doe Run Farms in Pennsylvania. The food lover in me, more specifically, the cheese monster in me has to note that this farm just started a cheese program and I was able to sample, nay, demolish quite a bit of it. Itโ€™s incredible! I donโ€™t know how, but find a way to get your hands on some, STAT! Dish after beautiful dish, I began to realize that Chef Greg Glowatz had done an exceptional job of creating an exciting menu that made me forget that I was eating like a vegetarian. The dishes celebrated the vegetables, made them stand out in a way that was exciting. I know this because not once in the night did I catch mind wandering to what I could eat once this event was over. [insert applause]. Brining people together in style is what they have always done, doing it over beautifully crafted food is the future! Do you hear whisperings of a Free People restaurant in the air, I sure do. Stay tuned.