G.H. Mumm X Formula-E

Photograph taken by Mad Wolf Photography
The champs for champs
— Me

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Over the hudson river and through Red Hook to the Formula E water-front racetrack, I went. This Qualcomm New York City ePrix is a bigger deal than you may know. It’s the first time that a race is being held within New York’s five boroughs. This, I had to see! If you’re like me and you’re putting the puzzle pieces together—like a kindergartener plopping down loopty-loop toy track pieces on a mat that looks like a land mass—wondering where in New York a new race track could possibly fit. The answer, my friends, is right on the water at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. 

Walking through the Formula-E Village with the race track to my left, I was guided by a series of lovely hostesses to the event space. The last one said “just walk down this way until you see the G.H. Mumm flag, walk in the door, and be greeted with a glass of champagne”. You get it now. It makes perfect sense. I will always always always travel for amazing champagne. With a thirst for victory, G.H. Mumm, is celebrating not only those who dare but those who dare—and win. Dare I coin the phrase, “G.H. Mumm the champs for champs” (I’m bubbling with pride over that one—too punny?). 

To get an idea of the caliber of excellence of the champs (both in the bottle and in human form) I’d introduce you to the G.H. Mumm Chief Entertainment Officer, but you know him already. Here’s some clues. He’s an extremely well decorated Olympic gold medalist. He’s the fastest man alive. You got it, it’s Usain Bolt. To say that this is a partnership that overflows with excellence, is a severe understatement.

G.H. Mumm Formula-E Event
G.H. Mumm X Formula-E Event
G.H. Mumm Event

At this event, they worked with the speed of light technology to integrate Usain Bolt in multiple ways. If you’ve ever binge watched any of the Star Trek TV series, you are no stranger to the Holodeck. What they created was certainly in this realm. When I walked into the event space at the Formula-E Emotion Club, I immediately grabbed my first glass of bubbly, looked to my right and thought I was hallucinating. Did I just see Usain Bolt disappear into thin air? Fastest man alive, indeed. I thought for a moment and mentally calculated my champagne intake levels and in the moment when it computed back to me that I had had but a single sip, he reappeared. Because Usain Bolt was away training and couldn’t make it to the event in person, they created this holographic version of him that event attendees could interact with. It was super cool! If the Star Trek reference didn’t sell it firmly enough, the tech dork in me was super excited to see the level of sophistication of the technology brought to the table. 

After being introduced to some of the Formula-E drivers, and filling myself (and my glass) with endless amounts of perfectly sized and flavored bubbles, all of us event attendees were invited to take a stroll on the race track where cars would silently race for the next two days. We walked it until we were told to stop and look up. There projecting across the façade of a building overlooking the racetrack was a video of a G.H. Mumm champagne bottle popping. We follow the cork as it flies around corners and are simultaneously seeing Usain Bolt get into a Formula-E car to race it. Who will win? Well, spoiler alert, the fastest man alive does as he leisurely puts his race car in park, stands outside of it,  and effortlessly catches the cork in his finger tips.  

My event takeaway: since G.H. Mumm is the up-to-the-minute accompaniment for all life's triumphs, I need to make sure to accomplish greatness daily so I have an excuse, nay, obligation, to pop a bottle. 


Most of the photographs are my own an additional two are from Mad Wolf Photography.