Hilton Garden Inn’s Food And Beverage Refresh

When you travel, it’s the simple things that matter, like a cocktail at the end of a long day. Or two...I like to bring a sunny outlook into any room I enter, so Hilton Garden Inn is just the place for me
— Judy Greer

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Founded in 1919 (aka. almost a hundred years ago) Hilton Hotels has been around for quite a while. As with any company or public figure that's been around for decades, it's important to refresh yourself in visible ways for all of those who have been loyal to you through all of the years. Look at Madonna, for instance. Once upon a time, she wore a cone bra over her clothes, let her hair go wild and free while wearing ample amounts of lace, now she wears her less cone-like bra underneath and pays homage to her younger self's style in a more refined upscale way—the point is, visible changes keep people excited about a company and eager to see what's next.

Hilton Garden Inn Charcuterie
Hilton Garden Inn Double Decker Bus Event

To give you a little background, Hilton Garden Inn is updating their food and beverage program which most notably includes their redesigned bar centric restaurants and 24-hour, grab-and-go retail space called The Shop. The Shop is getting a serious makeover and will include an upscale mix of healthy, indulgent and fresh foods like fresh salads, locally-sourced charcuterie boards, hummus, flatbread pizzas, craft beers, thoughtful cocktails, and—perhaps most importantly—a specialty, self-serve coffee bar. Hallelujah!

Hilton Garden Inn Double Decker Bus Event

When I heard that Hilton Garden Inn was hosting an event to showcase these updates, I was excited to see it all first hand. No, no, no, guests were absolutely not being asked to all at once sardine their way into The Shop to explore these new options. Can you imagine? No way! We're in New York, they had to celebrate in a more iconic way. So they did! We were invited to explore and enjoy their new drinks and bites aboard one of the city's double decker buses parked under the red glowing neon signs of Radio City Music Hall. This so took John Greenleaf, global head of Hilton Garden Inn's statement "Simple Things on Another Level" to a literal whole other level. Much like how a city bus is a functional means of transportation but the second you add an additional level making it a double decker, that bus has now transformed into an experience. That, my friends, is what this Hilton Garden Inn's refresh is. They are maintaining their functionality while elevating their guest's experiences. I for one am looking forward to my next stay and live this whole new level of the Hilton Garden Inn for myself.