The Infatuation Announces The Food Line Up For GovBall

Friends, GovBall is coming up! It's time to start planning your concert-cute looks and figure out the perfect nail color for holding your food in the air in front of Kanye singing photo opp—oh, how could you be so heartless, Michelle? But, man those fries look good held up like lady liberty's torch.

When it comes to celebrating the combination of food and music, you'll have a harder time tracking down a more knowledgeable group of people than the ones at The Infatuation. That, my friends, is why, for the second year in a row, they have taken the reigns and hand selected the fifty-three food vendors who will be at the festival (full list on their site, here). I know, I know, you thought you were ready, it's ok, you have time to mentally prepare for your freshmen fifteen happening all in one day—yes, even in your thirties and beyond. 

In pre-gaming for this concert, I connected with my Infatuation friends and spent a day doing a solo mini food tour of five of these vendors—Mario By MaryMighty Quinn's BBQ, Friterie, Spaghetti Incident and Taqueria Diana. I'm telling you, five is a lot to handle, it's not like eating a side salad, it's cheesy fries, loaded pastas, barbecue, burritos, grilled cheese, cookies, brownies, the works! So, do what you must, fast to make extra room, I don't know, but come hungrier than you've ever been before. You can do this!

A word of advice, when you're planning that oh-so-cute look we talked about, keep it savvy, make sure it includes an elastic waistband and loose fitting top, don't say I didn't warn you! Ladies, you know you don't want to be congratulated half way through the day when you're stuffed with that burrito, on your pregnancy. What's worse, gents, you don't want to look pregnant at all, 'cause everyone knows that what happened to Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior was an abnormal miracle (wink, wink).