4 Dishes That Will Make You Thankful To Have Thanksgiving Leftovers

Suddenly Thanksgiving Day has come and gone. The bellies are full and the pie plates are empty. Leftovers abound but what do you do with all of that surplus? Well, we have four effortless recipes to knock your socks off, completely adaptable to what’s already in your refrigerator. Just stock up on an extra puff pastry and a package of wonton wrappers and dinner is served!

FYI, we apologize in advance. The following writing was written after a long day in the kitchen and ample spiked beverages. Know that we are laughing as we write this and are delirious enough to know that the writing below will likely only be funny to us. Please tell us we are wrong about that. And, enjoy your post-Thanksgiving eats! 

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turkey And Stuffing Potstickers

Stick these where the sun don't shine—aka your mouth cause they're awesome and you'll love them. 

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turkey And Stuffing Meatball Sub

Make your leftovers sub-lime!

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Vegetable Pot Pie

The best thing to fill your pie hole with.

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Mashed Potato And String Bean Pan-Fried Dumplings

You are what you eat so make these and be an awesome couch potato.