Inside Atlas Coffee Club With Jordan Rosenacker

Atlas Coffee Club

The second I heard about Atlas Coffee Club, I wanted to know more. I mean, a coffee club? You know without even knowing more, I needed to be in. Ok. Ok. You know I wanted to know more. So, I asked some questions. 

Photos provided by Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club

MW. What is Atlas Coffee Club?

JR. Oh, hey! Glad you asked, yes! Welcome to your very own travel-themed coffee club.  We’re designed to take you on a journey across the globe in pursuit of the world's best coffee, zigzagging across the equator, each month you’ll experience a new country (of the 50+ that produce coffee) and you’ll explore its unique flavor profile and culture!  

From Burundi, Peru, Congo, and beyond, we aim to be your ultimate coffee tour-guides, introducing you to new flavors and exotic cultures.


MW. How did Atlas Coffee Club come to be?

JR. While on Holiday in California, Michael Shewmake popped into a local coffee shop for an early more caffeine fix and left with an idea to tell a story. In his common quizzical and gregarious way, Michael struck up a conversation with the barista and got to talking about their different coffee offerings. Seeing there wasn’t a line forming, Michael and the barista sipped away conversation about how each coffee has it’s own flavor profile, process method, and history from Ethiopia, Sidamo to Brazil, Cerrado.  It was a bright conversation that prompted Michael to examine the coffee bags and something didn't add up, he didn't get that great and exciting story about each coffee when he looked at the bags. By the time the caffeine kicked in he thought, "I wanna tell the story of coffee from each country and highlight the differences!"  And thus a coffee subscription named Atlas Coffee Club was born.


MW. How long has Atlas Coffee Club been around?

JR. Roughly 8 months, 15 days, 3 hours and 57minutes'ish give or take...the real question is how many coffee cups have we served…we’ll let you know when we hit 1 million.


MW. How does Atlas Coffee Club work?

JR. All year-round we hunt for and cup new coffee offerings from around the world.  We’ll select and share our favorites with each an every coffee lover that subscribes to the journey. 

Each month we focus on a new country and share supporting information and facts about the coffee, the farm, the country's coffee culture, and recommended brewing tips and guides. So if you want to know how to make the perfect French press, we have you covered!

Atlas Coffee Club

MW. Who designs your super fun patterned coffee packaging?

JR. Why thank you so much for the kind words :)  We do! 


MW. Who should partake in this coffee flavor tour (really, I can’t think of anyone who shouldn’t but if we were to get specific)?

JR. Anyone who isn't flying to Tanzania for their morning coffee one day and then Peru the next.


MW. What does it cost to be a part of the coolest most caffeinated club ever?

JR. With compliments like that you’re looking at free for life!

We have a monthly subscription for $17.95 and gift subscriptions - 3 months for $59.95, 6 months for $108, and 12 months for $199.  It's the gift that keeps on giving! 


MW. How many kinds of coffee from how many different places do you currently have?

JR. Each month we bring in a new coffee exclusive to club members. This month is Costa Rica with a flavor profile of toffee and apple. Before that was Guatemala, Peru, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, oh my goodness I’m getting excited!


MW. Love the idea of traveling the world one cup of coffee at a time! With each cup I drink, is the story of where it comes from being given to me? Is it on the packaging? An insert? Are there flavor notes I will be told to look for with each sip?

JR. All of the above! Flavor notes, information about the coffee farms, country culture, and each Atlas Coffee Club bag tells a story.

Atlas Coffee Club

MW. Who in your company is the most caffeinated?

JR. You’re talking to him.


MW. Which is your personal favorite cup of coffee in the Atlas Coffee Club to date?

JR. My heart has no limits.


MW. Do you think Atlas Coffee Club will ever go the route of coffee pods? Why or why not?

JR. We have a recyclable option!


MW. From picking the location, to taste testing, to packaging, paint me a picture, tell me a colorful story, what is the full process behind adding a new coffee to the club roster? 

JR. Well, as I write this, the coffee in my cup has traveled 9,028 miles from Tanzania to Texas. For a moment, imagine yourself in Tanzania, looking out at the illuminated sprawl of golden plains, warmed by the sun. Place yourself at the foothills of Africa’s largest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro. Find yourself on the sands of Zanzibar surrounded by whale sharks and colorful coral reefs. This is where your coffee comes from—and it tells a story you can’t find on a shelf.