Michelle AKA The Eloise of The Phoenician

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The Phoenician Resort

As a born and raised New Yorker, I always wondered what it was like to be Eloise, you know, from the kid's book where she lives in a luxurious hotel. Well, now I know. It's amazing! You see, I recently went on a trip with The Feed Feed to a The Luxury Collection hotel in Phoenix Arizona called The Phoenician. With eight restaurants on its grounds, consider me a new resident—there was zero reason to ever leave. 

Thirsty Camel

Now, these restaurants were not hotel-y restaurants that feel like a last resort for feeding time on a lazy day. No, these are ones to travel to The Phoenician for. They're like the high-end restaurants around NYC only a bit more Western. It's really awesome. My night started with fire pit side cocktails mixed by mixologist Robert Porter (who is so talented he has his face on a bottle of Manhattan Mix you can purchase in stores) at Thirsty Camel. Talk about the perfect way to ease into a trip (it surely wasn't my only visit, does that mean I'm the Thirsty Camel?).

Mowry & Cotton
Mowry & Cotton

From cocktails to a fun and fresh dinner for fifteen at the cozy upscale lodge styled Mowry & Cotton that was filled with homemade flatbread, roasted cauliflower, and steak—I truly thought the trip couldn't get better than that first night. I am happy to admit I was wrong. Filled with bubbly, I happily made it through the resort to a room that was bigger than my Manhattan apartment—the terrace attached to it was probably closer to the size of my house. Talk about luxurious! Sinking into the incredibly comfortable bed, I slept like a baby. 

The Phoenician Resort

The next morning, we took a hike up Camel Back mountain and got a bird's eye view of this impressive resort. With all of the low laying buildings, it felt like views you only really get from helicopters and landing planes. Dirt under my feet and some mild bouldering, it was so my kind of way to start the day. Also, with two different groups of people stopping me on my way down to compliment my runner's jacket and beanie, Camel Back is now my hands-down favorite mountain—hmm, do I become a fashion blogger? I loved learning about the specific cacti that you can only find in Arizona and how they only grow a single foot every ten years. If you see one over twenty feet high, that means it's over two hundred years old. Crazy!

Relish Bistro Burger

The best thing to do after a hike? Duh, eat burgers. Enter, Relish Burger Bistro where along with your burger you can order killer loaded nachos, table-top s'mores—the works! Fast forward through more amazing cocktails followed by necklace shopping and straight to, well, more cocktails. This time, we were invited over to The Canyon Suites to explore the most luxurious section of the hotel. I know, didn't think it could get any nicer. Then, here we are, sitting at a gorgeous lobby bar having smoked cocktails by a fireplace. It doesn't get much better. Or, so I thought until I lifted my cocktail and carried it on a moonlit walk over to J&G Steakhouse a Michelin Chef Jean-Georges restaurant spearheaded by Chef Jacques Qualin. The meal was melt-in-your-mouth wonderful. From the Potatoes Gratin with Compté to the Sautéed Dover Sole every bite was wow-worthy. We finished out the night outside roasting marshmallows for s'mores and stargazing through a telescope with astronomer Richard Allen. It was the perfect end to, well, the perfect day!

Outdoor morning yoga, green juice, brunch at an outdoor table at Mowry & Cotton and I'm back on a plane reminiscing about my dreamlike trip to The Phoenician. Should there ever be a vacancy, you know this girl is all but ready to Eloise her way into that luxurious world.