And To All A Good Night—Comfy Holiday Gift Reco

Sutton Grey Williams

The Snuggle

Is Real

Planning for the holidays can be extremely stressful when it comes to food, family, presents—add on having an, albeit awesome, newborn and now we’re totally on the same page. If you’re a new mom like me, you’ve definitely gotten the “sleep when he sleeps” advice. I could slap every human who’s said that to me. Come on. I’m supposed to sleep at noon for three hours? When am I supposed to run my business or live life? But here’s the conundrum. My son loves to fall asleep on my chest right smack in the middle of the day. Trying to move him requires some sort of Jedi powers that I’m pretty sure I only attain, if I’m embellishing, thirty percent of the time. You see, the odds aren’t always in my favor so I often have just cave and let him sleep on me. I’ve come to figure that before I let him close his eyes, I have to make sure of a few things. First and foremost, I need to have all of my necessities within arms reach—phone, phone charger to one-handedly attempt to get work done on, holiday cookies or cookie dough if I didn’t get the time to bake them yet, tv remote, water (like how I snuck cookies in there?)—and secondly, I need to make sure that I am super comfy—enter leggings, sweatshirt, favorite pillow and the perfect blanket to ideally cover us both while also not being so bulky that I can’t attempt to wrap him in it and move him to, well, anywhere that’s not on me.


Here’s where I win. In working with Leesa Sleep to outfit my future bedroom in what will eventually be my beautifully renovated apartment with one of their awesome king size mattresses, I placed my order and got that Leesa King Sized Mattress along with their The Leesa Pillow and the Aly Raisman Limited Edition Leesa Blanket. Such the comfy winning combo! The beautiful thing is that these items can be bought individually on the Leesa website and are super perfect for comfy holiday gifts for anyone who likes to snuggle up in the middle of the afternoon with a baby on them—just me?—or goodness, any time of the day or night! I mean, sadly they will not fit in a traditional stocking, so, I say make the tradition work for you and try something a little different and shove a cute pair of socks in the pillow case or rolled blanket—now, that’s a “socking stuffer”. Come on, let me have this, dare I say it, “mom joke”. I’m sleep deprived and writing about my most comfy moments—see the irony?—Alright, I’m officially signing out to, yes, lay my head back on my new pillow and roll myself up in my new blanket. You should absolutely do the same!

Before I go, if you’re going big and getting a Leesa mattress, YOU ROCK! Read all about the great causes you contribute to by buying one of these mattresses in my blog post raving all about it

Needless to say, you deserve a discount so use the promo code COFFEECHAMPAGNE and save $160 off of your mattress purchase! Happy Holidays!

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