Eat Good And Do Good Every Day (Not Just Around The Holidays)

Leesa Mattress

Every year around the holidays, I find myself looking back over the last 365 days and weighing if I have become a better human in that time. For me, it's not necessarily about the big gestures but more the ones that integrate into my every day life—the ones that make me, me. One thought led to the next and got me to the subject of leftovers—I promise, this train of thought will all make sense.

You see, I never really thought about it until I started living it. Leftovers used to be something I'd look forward to, something I'd be stoked to have in my fridge to demolish later in the week. Now, as a food writer, I am, let's say—what’s a pc way to say this, ugh, I’ll be real—I am inundated with epic amounts of food.  Lunch's have turned from a desk-side sad little salad in an old Tupperware container that I knew I'd be eating for sustenance more so than pleasure to full menu exploratory flavor excursions. More often than not, it’s too much for one human to handle. A bite of this, going in for second and third heaping bite of that all while keeping my eye on the time because I know I’m going to have to leave lunch in time to head directly to my scheduled dinner.  On top of it all, can you imagine how rude it would be if I walked into dinner with a massive—“doggy bag”, eh, more like “Doggy Duffle”—of leftovers? I mean there are times when I’m talking about walking into Michelin restaurants here. 

Leesa Mattress

your Leftovers matter

I digress. The point is, I’ve learned that no matter the restaurant or meal, there will often be delicious leftovers. Which leads me to the conundrum. How do I make the most of leftovers I can't have left over?

Yes, I bring friends out with me and spoil them for the afternoon. That helps. But, work is work and I can only imagine watching your food cool as I style it and take photos of it is not always ideal (no matter how entertaining I am, and I am). It doesn't matter how many delicious perks there are, I continue to find myself biting off more than I can chew—rather, being served more than I can eat. It's a job and to do that job right, I have to be able to take photos of the majority of the menu.

So here’s where I’ve netted out. It's not quite an official service. It's not quite a charity. Perhaps it can be classified as an act of good will. A Mitzvah. Or, maybe it's a more natural form of symbiotic behavior. Either way, it makes me feel good and from the big smiles and ample thank yous, I can see the feeling is mutual. You see, from foie gras to simply prepped burgers, I give my leftovers to the homeless people of New York.  

Leesa Mattress

More recently, I began chatting with (and ultimately working with) the Leesa mattress company who shares in these values. Their mission is really quite beautiful. Throughout the year Leesa has a One-Ten Program that gives one mattress for every ten sold to nonprofits serving those seeking refuge from homelessness, domestic risk and human trafficking. To give you an idea of the numbers behind this mission, in the three years since being founded in 2015, Leesa has provided more than 30,000 mattresses to 1,000 nonprofits. In New York City, Leesa has worked with the Bowery Mission giving them upward of 600 mattresses across their different campuses. Their mattresses matter! Crazy awesome! 

On a personal level, having been a Fine Art student once upon a time, I really dig their mattress meets art Dream Gallery in SoHo (112 Wooster Street). At first, I didn't quite get why a mattress show room was mixing with art. Curiosity got the better of me, so I payed a visit and discovered that the super dope artwork, curated by ArtLifting, is created by homeless and formally homeless people and that the proceeds from their sales go directly back to supporting them. Immediately, I went from confused to a hundred percent all in. 

On a personal level, I’m super excited to be getting a Leesa mattress of my very own when my new apartment’s renovations are complete. Man, breakfast in bed is so gonna rock!

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PS. If you're looking to test out the mattresses in person the gallery is a great place to do so. That said, when new to me, I didn’t realize just how well known Leesa was. To test them out, before beginning to officially work together, I visited the Pottery Barn in Lincoln Center where they had both the Leesa and Sapira (by Leesa) mattresses. They’re everywhere!