Inside @BrunchBoys with Founder Jeremy Jacobowitz

Jeremy was one of the first people I met in this crazy social media world. With all of the love we give to Instagram, it's kind of funny how we met through Twitter. One direct tweet led to the next and I met up with Jeremy on the line for Smorgasburg back when it was in Central Park in 2014. He let me cut him in the very front of the two-hour line—better than the one at Black Tap, but still, my god—after that, I knew we'd be friends.

With a great eye—notably for capturing a glamorous syrup pour or an epic cheese pull—a passion for exploring food, a love for brunch (that we so share), a genuine generosity toward his friends and an entrepreneurial eye directed towards what's next, Jeremy is a friend of mine that you don't know already, you should! 


MW. Name?

JJ. Jeremy Jacobowitz


MW. What is your Instagram Handle?

JJ. @BrunchBoys


MW. Why brunch?

JJ. I picked brunch for a few reasons.  Yes, I love brunch, but it was more that I saw that EVERYONE else loved brunch, yet no one was really doing something with it.  Bobby Flay has his Brunch @Bobbys show, but no one else was focusing on it.  


MW. Why did you start your account?

JJ. I wanted to make an online show about Brunch, and when I came up with the name Brunch Boys, I started the Instagram just to own the name across all social media platforms. I figured I’d post some brunch pics, there wasn't a whole game plan with it.  Just a fun side project to work on.


MW. What makes your account unique?

JJ. The easy answer is “Brunch” but I don't think that was enough to really make me stand out.  In the 2+ years, I've been running the account, I've been able to find a photo style that truly makes me stand out.  I think more and more the videos that we do is also helping me be unique.  MY background as a food tv producer gives me an advantage over other Instagram accounts.


MW. What inspires you?

JJ. I don't know if one thing or another inspires me, but I think living your life inspires me.  Dream big and do it!  I was lucky enough to work alongside Bobby Flay on his TV shows, and seeing his success on all levels is something that inspires.  Why can’t I do anything in life?  I was a pretty piss poor student because getting to high school, but then I was able to get into NYU. I was always very overweight for most of my life, and then I was able to lose 100 lbs. I graduated NYU and went over a year without any kind of work, and now I've started my own business. If I thought small, there is no way I could have had the life experiences that I have.


MW. What has your Instagram done for you?

JJ. Everything. It's done everything. Lol.  I still look at it as being a food producer, just instead of producing shows for Food Network, it's for my own social channels, but it's opened up the door to so many experiences already, that I’m really excited to see where it goes! It also gave me a new passion for photography.  It really wasn’t anything I was into when I started the account.  I like sharing photos, but I never cared about the photos.


MW. How has it been being a guy in the NYC food Instagram world that is so highly saturated with ladies? Perks? Hardships? 

I think its really been helpful. Right away I was able to stand out in the crowd when we would go to events and meet people.  Do you remember each one of the names of all 30 girls somewhere, or do you remember the ONE guy? Beyond that, I don't know if it's helped or hurt in any way. Maybe as more opportunities come about for us, I may get more “guy-centric” opportunities, but that hasn't happened much yet.


MW. Much like me, you do this full time. So, what is the piece of advice that you would give someone who does this as a hobby and is toying with the idea of leaving a stable 9-5 career to pursue being a blogger?

JJ. I’ve never really had a 9-5 job, so it's a little hard giving that perspective, but I’d say follow your passions no matter what! Well, maybe not no matter what… I'd also really think hard about what the long term goals are.  I think if you want to quit your job to become a “professional Instagrammer”, you should rethink that.  People may think that's what I’ve done, but Brunch Boys is much bigger than just posting pictures online, and my goal is to figure out where to take the brand beyond Instagram.  


MW. What is your best styling tip?

JJ. For life or food? My food tip is to do what you can to make the picture vertical. That's more due to the fact that my account is all vertical, and I try and keep it consistent.  So sometimes I'll cut that sandwich in half and stack them up! In life?  I’m the worst person to ask that.  Maybe….. Don't ever wear suits!  I hate wearing suits.  If I do, never a tie!


MW. If there was a restaurant you could live in, which would it be?

JJ. Black Tap! DUHHH Or maybe Gato, its so beautiful in there!


MW. What is your favorite food?

JJ. Toss up between Cheeseburgers and Sushi. Maybe lean towards Sushi because I think I could eat that every meal of every day and never get sick of it.  After a few meals of Cheeseburgers, you probably need a break.