Inside @MollyTavoletti with Molly Tavoletti

A lot of my time is spent with other bloggers and social media influencers here in New York City. It's really a super fun perk to the job! We all swap our latest finds and on occasion explore together. It's likely that, if your food obsessed, like me, to the point of stalking it on Instagram, you know many of my friends.

On the off chance that you don't, allow me to formally, well, digitally, introduce you to my girlfriend Molly. Molly works for CNN while also hustling and showing her fans her incredible food finds around NYC—she introduced me to Prince Street Pizza and I am forever grateful. She has so much more to share, a beautiful aesthetic and a fun-loving vibe! So, stay tuned for some great articles from her, you guessed it, right here on Coffee & Champagne!

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MW. Name?

MT. Molly Tavoletti


MW. Instagram Handle?

MT. @MollyTavoletti


MW. Why did you start your account?

MT. I started by account entirely by accident actually. As a full Italian food has obviously always been a huge part of who I am, and then when photography became a hobby in college those worlds kind of just collided in the most perfect way. I began posting my food photos, accounts like Infatuation and Food and Wine began reposting, and here we are. As a journalist, I’m constantly telling stories, and my Instagram became my way of telling my NYC food story.


MW. What makes your account unique?

MT. My uniqueness really stems from my style--in both my photos and my captions. Because it’s my personal brand I try to really allow my personality to shine through. I’m sarcastic and witty and really want my followers to see that. Plus like I said, I really try to tell a story through my photos. I’m not just posting a bagel like “well here it is”--I’m trying to allow you to come along with me and really see New York through my eyes.


MW. What inspires you?

MT. I honestly find inspiration in the most bizarre places, usually unexpectedly. I’ve always considered myself a writer first, a photographer second, so a lot of the time a caption idea will drive the creation of a photo. A Drake lyric, an anecdote about my morning subway ride, or just an honest expression of an experience I had. Plus I tend to approach a photo as art, building the pieces and telling the story, so my inspiration is sometimes in the moment as well. I’ll see a food and know exactly how I want to showcase it.


MW. What has your Instagram done for you?

MT. Instagram has opened so many doors for me. I’ve eaten, drank and experienced more of New York city in two years than most people do in a lifetime--and the best part is that this is only the prologue for me. There’s so much ahead. I’ve met and sat across tables from so many incredible people. We joke a lot that it’s our internet turned IRL friend community, but it’s so true. Without Instagram, none of it would’ve been possible.


MW. What is your best styling tip?

MT. Light light light. Legit. You could be shooting DSLR, iPhone or with a damn disposable camera, and with some natural light you can and will get a wonderful photo. Take the bagel outside, out of direct sunlight, and shoot the hell out of it.


MW. If there was a restaurant you could live in, which would it be?

MT. Charlie Bird. There is no question about it. Wine and pasta for days, plus 90s hip hop bumping for eternity? HYFR, sign me up.


MW. What is your favorite food?

MT. SO obviously the usual suspects, yes bagels, yes pasta, yes meat and cheese plate...but if the question is “What is one food you could not go a day without”? The answer may surprise you…


I f****** love carrots. You can ask any one of my friends. Not a single day goes by that I’m not munching on baby carrots — 95 percent of the time they’re in my purse/at my desk. In fact, there was a period of college where my palms and the bottoms of my feet turned straight orange.