National Coffee Day Blogger Fail (Thank God For Clorox)

Clorox 2

The Cat In The Hat is my idol

From my current experience, I can safely say that there is for sure a ton to talk about when it comes to being a pregnant food blogger—the amazement of having a ton of food available to me all of the time, the cans and perhaps more interestingly the cannot eats, the hustling around the city at 9 months pregnant to keep my business running, the brands that can’t wait to work with me versus the ones who run for the hills. I’m going to talk about none of that (HA! Sorry, not sorry). 

Right now, I so need to tell you about my epic desire to consistently emulate Dr. Seuss’ The Cat In The Hat only where instead of balancing everything on my head, everything gets piled on my belly. Now, my belly feels HUUUUUGE. People say it looks like I’m trying to hide a basketball under my shirt. Well, it’s for sure big, but dare I say, not big enough to confidently pull off my dream “look no-hands” balancing act photo op. I know because I try almost every single day.

This article is sponsored by Clorox. All opinions are my own.


I looked like a cow (both in size and with the giant spots—too early for Halloween?)

Just in time for National Coffee Day on September 29th, I figured, what’s more on brand than balancing a to-go cup of coffee on my belly. So, I did!  Well, I…I started by sitting in a chair to really get the most out of my belly shelf, had the, albeit, super loaded cup of coffee on my stomach (in my defense with the lid on!) and cautiously removed my hands. My girlfriend went to snap a photo and my future kick boxer, soccer star, MMA fighter, ninja, Baby Boy Williams kicked super aggressively, and wha-bam one of my only two maternity tanks was fully coffee dyed and flavored. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! (wait, can I say and embolden the word “shit” in a sponsored post? Well, sh*t.)

Clorox 2

Now, here’s the irony. I was working with Clorox 2 ® for this particular #NationalCoffeeDay photo. I pitched this balancing act idea with the full intention of dropping a few dots of coffee on an old tee shirt to show how prepared I am as a blogger—a “tried, tested and I’m always prepared on-the-go” kinda vibe. Then, life happened and a next level mess occurred on my basketball baby and well, here I am living the Clorox 2® Pre-Treat Stain Remover Pen life. The pen allowed me to pretreat on the fly which I think ultimately saved my tank—but with the overwhelming amount of coffee in this messy disaster, I figured best save the rest of my cleaning for the full on Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster Liquid wash at home. 

Having drawn on the epic coffee stains on-site, with the Clorox 2 pen, I got home and got to washing. In went my regular detergent and then Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster Liquid. Then, I sat blindly listening to the redundant motion of the washer and the praying began. This is my favorite maternity layering piece, after all!

RELIEF! Happy to report back, CLOROX 2® SAVED THE DAY/MY TANK! Suffice it to say, the Clorox 2® pen lives in my backpack now so I can pre-treat on-the-go and save more of my fave clothes from disasters like this that happen far more frequently than I’d like to admit. I have a feeling you’ll want it in your bag, too.

Clorox 2