Almond Maple Mocha Latte

The New York Coffee Festival is hands-down one of my favorite events of the year. Just think about it, endless amounts of delicious coffee under one massive roof—I know, it doesn't get any better! No. Wait. Wait. It does! Three words: "Tim Tam biscuits.” 

Let me catch you up. I love Tim Tam biscuits! Months ago, I was introduced to them, ate one, fell in love, ate the rest of the box, and immediately started thinking of ways I could eat them in everything I got my hands on. I even made this insanely delicious cocktail with them! Now, I'm taking it a level beyond. I teamed up with the people behind Tim Tam biscuits and designed this super special Almond Maple Mocha Latte that will be served at the New York Coffee Festival (October 13-15, 2017). 

What's better is that we will be teaching everyone about the "Tim Tam Slam!" When you thought Tim Tam couldn't get more delicious, you were wrong. Bite off both ends of one and sip this latte through it. Oh, man. And, yes, we will be slammin' at the festival. Be sure to check out Tim Tam biscuits on Instagram and learn about the Tim Tam Slam Challenge!

For all of you who came to the New York Coffee Festival, loved my latte and wanted to make it time and time again at home (or didn’t stop by but love coffee…so basically everyone), I have written the recipe for you below. 

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PREP TIME: 1 minute

COOK TIME: 2 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 3 minutes


1 serving



Almond Milk (1 cup)

Vermont Maple Syrup (2 tbsp)

Cocoa (2 tbsp)

Espresso (1 oz)

Pure Vanilla Extract (1/4 tsp)



Chocolate Whipped Cream

Tim Tam (1 ground, plus 1 whole for "Slam")



Wooden Spoon

1. TO MAKE YOUR LATTE. in your saucepan, over medium heat, heat your almond milk.

Stir in your maple syrup, espresso and vanilla.

Add in your cocoa and salt.

Mix until fully combined.

Pour into your mug.


2. TO TOP YOUR LATTE. add on a generous helping of your chocolate whipped cream.

Sprinkle on your ground Tim Tam. 

Bite the ends off of your full Tim Tam and use it as a straw allowing the warm liquid to fill its insides for an awesome treat.