But First, Baileys

Coffee—But First, Baileys! Oh, yes, friends, I've partnered with my friends at Baileys and am taking over their booth at The New York Coffee Festival all day TODAY ONLY (9/16/2016). I know, SO EXCITING! Because I love you, I have the recipe for the cocktail I mixed up for it right here (check out the minute long video of me making it)! Read on, mix on and drank on—STAT!

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  1. DRINK YOUR COCKTAIL—BUT FIRST, BAILEYS. use your butter knife to schmear your fudge along the inside of your glass.

    Add in your Baileys, then cold brew and then fill the rest of your glass with your soda water.

    Top off your drink with whipped cream.

    Stick in your cookie straw.

    Drizzle on your chocolate syrup.

    Sprinkle on your sprinkles.

    Place your doughnut on top.