Cara Cara And Grapefruit Salad

When I see fruit salad on a menu, I am almost always expecting some combination of melon, grapes, maybe pineapple or over ripened kiwi--it's the norm. I'm over it! I'm all about this fresh, thoughtful citrus fruit salad for summer!

PS. Cara Cara Oranges are officially my current favorite fruit! Loving them for flavoring water, too (yes, there's a recipe for that too! Coming soon!) ! I'm obsessed!

  1. COCKTAIL, FRUIT. in your medium mixing bowl, use your spatula to fold together your orange and grapefruit supremes.

    Extra juice from your citrus fruits will accumulate at the bottom of your bowl. That's supposed to happen and it's super delicious!

    Sprinkle you mint chiffonade, whole mint leaves, chopped pistachios and while pistachios over your oranges and grapefruit.

    Scoop into individual bowls or in one large one. And, serve!