Carrot Ginger Soup

With Autumn comes heart warmingly delicious soups, like this amazing one.

  1. TO MAKE YOUR SOUP. over high heat, heat your olive oil in your stock pot.

    Add in your onion and garlic slices.

    Using your wooden spoon, stir them constantly until softened—about 4 minutes.

    Mix in your carrots, apple and ginger.

    Pour in your maple, chardonnay and vegetable stock.

    Season with salt, pepper and your bay leaf.

    Give a final firm stir.

    Put the lid on and cook for 25 minutes.

    In this time, the liquid in your pot will reduce by 2/3.

    Turn off your heat and remove the pot's lid.

    Use your immersion blender directly in your pot to mix puree your soup into a creamy and even texture.

    Pour your soup into the bowls you plan to serve it out of.

    Top with some of the leaves from your carrot greens.