Chai Roasted Chicken

I recently met Amy Rothstein, founder of Dona Chai, at the NYC Craft Coffee Festival and fell in head-over-heels in love with her chai. It has that je ne sais quoi. Though, I’m thinking its the delicious ginger notes. We really hit it off! One thing led to another and I found myself cooking with her crazy delicious chai. Color me obsessed!

For this recipe, I really wanted to take the chai to a savory place, something that felt special for dinner. A dish that you’ll want to make again and again—one that you may even make for a dinner party. Then, it came to me, a chai roasted chicken!

Those chai notes really make this dish. They don’t overwhelm or make your chicken sweet. Instead, it gives it a rich tenderness that is so perfect for this Fall season.

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PREP TIME: 15 minutes


BAKE TIME: 1 hour 30 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 4 hours 45 minutes


1 Chicken


Whole Chicken (Washed With Giblets Removed)

Ginger (2 Tbsp, Minced)

Vadalia Onion (1, Cut Into Large Chunks—It Doesn’t Have To Be Pretty, It’s For Flavor Not For Plating)

Carrots (1 Bunch, Also Cut Into Large Chunks)

Fresh Garlic (5 Cloves, Smashed)

Fresh Rosemary (2 Tbsp, Chopped Plus 1 Sprig)

Fresh Thyme (1 Tbsp, Chopped Plus 3 Sprigs)

Celery (2 Stalks, Also Cut Into Large Chunks)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dona Chai Chai Concentrate (32 Oz)





Cutting Board

Chefs Knife

Casserole Dish (Big Enough To Fit Your Chicken—I Used An 8″X8″ Dish)


Ziploc Bags (2. Each Large Enough To Zip Closed Around The Chicken)

Silicone Brush

Meat Thermometer

1. TO PREP YOUR CHICKEN. place your chicken on your cutting board.

Fill its cavity with half of your chopped onions, celery and two of your garlic cloves.

Using your fingers, gently slip your hands between the skin and breast of your chicken to better separate it.

Continue using your hands to rub your chopped rosemary, chopped thyme, ginger, salt, and pepper.

Using your twine, truss your chicken.

Put your chicken in one of your Ziploc bags.

Pour all of your Dona Chai Chai Concentrate into your chicken filled Ziploc bag.

Fill it the rest of the way—leaving only enough space to close the bag—with water.

Close your Ziploc bag.

Take your second Ziploc bag and close it around your chicken filled one making sure that it seals on the opposite side of your first bag for extra safety against leaking.

Refrigerate for 3 hours.


2. TO ROAST YOUR CHICKEN. preheat your oven to 425°.

Spread the other half of your chopped onions, your carrots and 3 remaining smashed garlic cloves evenly over the bottom of your casserole dish.

Place your chicken in the center of your casserole dish.

Bake for 1 1/2 hours—or till your meat thermometer reads 165°.

Cut off your twine and transfer your chicken to the plate or platter you plan to serve it off of.