Chefs Hat Eggs Benedict

I always love trying new foods, so when I was chatting with the super fun people over at FreshDirect about their awesome new bread, I knew I just had to try it! It was so new, it didn't even have a name yet. How fun is that?! So for all intensive purposes, I'm naming it myself! I'm calling it Chef's Hat Bread. If you have better thoughts for a name, please share them! #FDNameThatBread

Now, with the name taken care of, I had to make sure that I wasn't the only one falling in love with it. So, I invited a couple of friends over for a FreshDirect filled brunch feast (oh, yes, I snapped it! Check out the in-the-moment moments here—always see my gluttonous behind the scenes on Snapchat, username CCbyMWilliams)—FYI, my friends love me even more now! They are in love with my cornflake crusted chicken Benedict I made using the Chef's Hat Bread.

The French toast was a big hit, too (but that's a recipe for another time)! Really, everything was insanely delicious! So for that, I tip my hat to this super fun and delicious Chef's Hat Bread!

If you're putting together a full brunch of your own, there are some other great groceries from FreshDirect that I included in mine that you just have to add to yours!

MY BONUS GROCERY LIST (with commentary, of course)

• Juvé y Camps Cava—cause, awesome mimosas.
• On that note, Just FreshDirect Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice.
• White Girl Rosé—brunch is way better with cocktail and wine options!
• Some coffee to go along, cause coffee and champagne—Grady's All Natural Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
• A cheese board so friends can snack while you are finishing off those last steps of cooking so everything is nice and hot! Loved these for it: Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps, Salty Date & Almond,  Tartufo Truffle Gouda and Bucheron
• Conversation starting fruit to have near your cheese board like a Sandstone Sugar Kiss Melon and my personal favorites persimmons.
• Oh, and the quiche that just became my new obsession—FreshDirect Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche

Ok, let's dive into my Tip of the Hat Benedict recipe!

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PREP TIME: 15 minutes

BAKE TIME: 30 minutes, divided

COOK TIME: 5 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 50 minutes


4 Servings



Chicken Breast Cutlets (2, boneless and skinless. Each one cut in half widthwise)



All Purpose Flour (1 1/2 cups)

Eggs (2, beaten)

Cornflakes (2 cups, lightly crumbled)

Butter (for greasing)


Unsalted Butter (4 oz, room temperature, cut into tbsp sized pieces)

Egg Yolks (4)

Lemon Juice (2 tsp)

Maple Syrup (3 tbsp)



Bacon (2 thickly cut slices)

Brown Sugar (1/2 cup, packed)


Fresh Direct's Chef's Hat Bread (4, bacon swiss, small)

Poached Eggs (4)


Medium Mixing Bowls (3)

Small Mixing Bowl

Cutting Board

Chef's Knife

Baking Sheets (3, You Can Re-Use One While Making Sure To Clean It Between Baking)

Metal Oven-Safe Cooling Rack




Metal Spatula

Meat Thermometer

1. TO COAT YOUR CHICKEN. preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Place your cooling rack on your baking sheet and grease it with butter.

Line up your three medium mixing bowls.

Fill the first with your beaten eggs.

The second with your flour.

The third with your crumbled cornflakes.

Coat each piece of your chicken with salt and pepper.

Then dredge each piece of chicken in the following order: flour, eggs, flour again, cornflakes.

Place each cornflake coated piece of chicken onto your cooling rack on your baking sheet.

Bake till your chicken has reached 155 degrees (use your meat thermometer to test)—about 15 minutes.

Your chicken will continue to cook after you take it out of the oven reaching the desired temperature of 165 degrees. Taking it out early keeps it from over cooking.

While your chicken is baking, continue on to your next steps.


2. TO MAKE YOUR BACON. pour your brown sugar into your small mixing bowl.

Toss your bacon around in your sugar making sure that each strip is fully coated.

Line your strips out on your baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes–or till crisp and glazed.

On your cutting board, use your chef's knife to roughly chop your bacon in to bacon bits.

Set them aside.


3. CHEF'S HAT BREAD. put your bread on your baking sheet.

Bake at 350 degrees till warmed—about 3-5 minutes.

Cut off the top of your chef's hat bread. Set both pieces of your bread on your plate.


4. IN A HOLLANDAISE DAZE. in your saucepan over medium heat, rapidly and consistently whisk together your egg yolks, lemon juice and maple syrup.

While continuing to whisk, add a piece of butter into your mixture. Whisk till your butter is fully incorporated. Add in another piece, and repeat until all are whisked in.

Continue whisking until your mixture has thickened.

If your hollandaise gets too thick, try adding in a couple of drops of warm water and whisking them in to thin it out.


5. TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER. on the plate you plan to serve/eat your Benedict off of place the base of your chef's hat bread.

Place a piece of your cornflake chicken on top of your chef's hat bread.

Carefully place your poached egg on top of your cornflake chicken.

Drizzle your maple hollandaise liberally over the top of your egg so that it drips down over the rest of your dish.

Sprinkle your candied bacon bits over your hollandaise.

Lean the top of your chef's hat bread against the side of your Benedict tower.

Lift up your fork and knife and dig in! Happy brunching!