Chicken And Peach Salad

Summer is all about them peaches! Fresh peaches, baked peaches and yes, fellow city folk, grilled peaches. This is the salad that truly lets those peaches shine like the stars that they are! FYI, there is much yumminess ahead of you!

  1. CITY GRILLED PEACHES. preheat your oven to 400 degrees (this is to prep for step 2).

    Over medium-high heat, coat your grill pan with butter.

    When you place your first peach wedge down, you should hear a sizzling sound. That's how you know your pan it ready to get a grillin' on.

    Lay your peach slices evenly across your grill pan. Let them cook till you see black grill lines on the side touching the pan--about 1 minute.

    Flip your peaches and let grill for another minute--or until you have black grill lines on both sides.

    Use your tongs to transfer your peaches from your grill pan to your cutting board (or a plate) to cool.

  2. HOT POTATO. in your mixing bowl, toss together your sweet potato chunks, olive oil, salt and pepper.

    Evenly spread out your coated sweet potatoes on your baking sheet.

    Bake for 15 minutes—or till you can comfortably stick a fork into them and not have to use hulk strength to get it back out.

    Let these cool.

  3. ALL OF THE GREENS. in your salad bowl, use your tongs to toss together your arugula, basil, mint and haricot vert.

  4. PUT IT TOGETHER. add your chicken, sun dried tomatoes, baked sweet potatoes and chopped dates into your salad bowl filled with greens.

    Use your tongs to toss it all together.

    Add in your grilled peaches and, with a little extra care, fold them into your salad.

    Since your grilled peaches are a little softer, you don’t want the mixing process to break them.

    Sprinkle some balsamic over it all, stick a fork in it and eat away! Enjoy!