Chocolate Chip Banana Granola Bars

Snack happy! I know I will be with these way yummy granola bars!

PS. I like to cut my granola bars to look like blondies sometimes—when they taste this delish, why not make it look like dessert, right?


PREP TIME: 15 minutes


TOTAL TIME: 2 hours 15 minutes


8 - 10 Bars


Minute Oatmeal (1 1/2 Cups)

Brown Sugar (3 Tbsp)

Flaxseed (2 Tbsp)

Unsweetened Coconut (1/2 Cup)

Banana (1, Pureed)

Vanilla Extract (1 Tsp)

Agave (2 Tbsp)

Honey (3 Tbsp)

Salt (1/4 Tsp)

Mini Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips (1/2 Cup)


Large Mixing Bowl

Rubber Spatula

8x8" Casserole Dish

Parchment Paper

1. MIXIN' IT UP. combine your oatmeal, sugar, flaxseed, coconut, pureed banana, vanilla, agave, honey and salt in your mixing bowl.

Use your rubber spatula to mix it all together.

Fold in your chocolate chips.


2. SO COOL. line your casserole dish with parchment paper making sure to allow the edges of the parchment paper to overlap the edges of your dish.

Transfer your oatmeal mixture into you casserole dish.

Add a second piece of parchment paper over your oatmeal mixture and press down on top o it until your mixture is completely flattened.

Using a small book or flat edge to help you press down on your oatmeal mixture will help to flatten it more evenly.

Refrigerate for 2 hours.

Cut into bar shapes of your choosing—square or rectangle are the most structurally sound.