Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

One of the beautiful parts of being a food writer is that you have to think ahead. Yes, Halloween is at the very end of October, but to me, it's the first week of September! How else would I conceptualize, test and develop awesome recipes in time for you to find them in time? The added bonus is that I get to eat all of it (seriously, all of it)! After testing, creating and eating all of these chocolate hazelnut truffles, that were taken to a whole new level thanks to International Delight's Hazelnut Creamer, I'm telling you, host a halloween party and make these for it! You will be the best ghoulish host in the game!

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PREP TIME: 20 minutes, divided

COOK TIME: 3 minutes

COOL TIME: 10 minutes

REFRIGERATE TIME: 1 hour and 50 minutes, divided

TOTAL TIME: 2 hours, 23 minutes


6 Truffles


International Delight Hazelnut Creamer (2 Cups, Divided)

Blended Scotch Whiskey (1 Oz)

Wafer Cookies (3 Cups)

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (2 Cups, Divided)

All Purpose Flour (3 Tbsp)

Corn Starch (2 Tsp)

Raw Hazelnuts (2 Cups, Finely Chopped)

Thin Salted Pretzel Sticks (1 Cup, Chopped)

Vegetable Oil (1 Tsp)


Baking Sheet

Silpat Mat (Or Wax Paper)

Cutting Board

Chefs Knife


Medium Mixing Bowl (2)

Small Mixing Bowl

Rubber Spatula


Heat Resistant Bowl

Mini Rubber Spatula


1. TO MAKE YOUR FILLING. place your wafer cookies in your small mixing bowl. Pour your International Delight Hazelnut Creamer over them (make sure to set aside a cup of your International Delight Hazelnut Creamer to be used in the other part of this recipe).

Let soak till needed.

Over medium-high heat, heat 1 cup of your International Delight Hazelnut Creamer in your saucepan.

Put your cornstarch in a small cup. Using a small rubber spatula or spoon, mix in a couple drops of room temperature water at a time until your cornstarch is now a liquid.

Whisk your liquid cornstarch, flour and blended scotch whiskey into your heating International Delight Hazelnut Creamer.

Pour a cup of your chocolate chips into your medium mixing bowl.

While still hot, pour your International Delight Hazelnut Creamer mixture over your chocolate chips. Mix using your rubber spatula.

Refrigerate on your trivet until thickenedβ€”about 30 minutes.

In your second medium mixing bowl, combine your chopped hazelnuts and pretzels.

Drain your soaking wafer cookies and add them to your chopped hazelnuts and pretzels.

Use your rubber spatula to mix.

Pour in your chilled chocolate hazelnut creamer mixture over your hazelnut, pretzel, wafer mixture.

Use your rubber spatula to fold it all together. Once evenly mixed, refrigerate for 10 minutes. 

2. TO MAKE YOUR CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT TRUFFLES. line your baking sheet with your silpat mat.

Use your tablespoon to proportion heaping spoonfuls of your chilled loaded chocolate hazelnut mixture.

Roll each heaping spoonful between your hands into a ball and place it on your lined baking sheet. 

Repeat this process until you have gone through all of your loaded chocolate hazelnut mixture.

Refrigerate your baking sheet filled with your loaded chocolate hazelnut balls for 10 minutes.

Pour your remaining cup of chocolate chips into your heat resistant bowl.

Add in your vegetable oil.

Microwave for 50 seconds.

Use your mini rubber spatula to mix your melted chocolate till smooth.

One by one, roll your chilled loaded chocolate hazelnut balls in your melted chocolate mixture. Once each one is coated in chocolate, place it back on your lined baking sheet.

Refrigerate for a minimum of 1 hour before eating.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.