Coffee And Vanilla Cream Popsicles

It's no surprise that I love coffee and that in the summer there is little better than having it iced. Well, taking it to a the next level has proven to be so perfect for this fun-in-the-sun hot weather! Popsicles! Oh, they're awesome!

Do note that making these and then going out into the incredible heat for a fun photo shoot will over time make for a drippy messy awesome future memory (so fun)!

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PREP TIME: 5 minutes


TOTAL TIME: 3 hours 5 minutes


3 Popsicles


International Delight Iced Coffee (2.5 Cups)

International Delight Vanilla Creamer (1/2 Cup)


Popsicle Mold (For 6 Popsicles)

Measuring Cup


Tin Foil

Wooden Popsicle Sticks (3)

1. VANILLA CREAM. mix your vanilla cream with 1/2 cup of iced coffee.

Evenly pour this creamy mixture into the tips of your popsicle molds (they should be slightly less than half way filled). Then cover the tops of your molds with your tin foil.

Put them in the freezer and let the cool for 4 hours.


2. ICED COFFEE. take your now hardened partially filled popsicles. Pour your remaining iced coffee over your frozen vanilla creamed iced coffee tip. Put your popsicle mold stick into the mold to finish off your pop and put it back in the freezer. (if you want to make homey ones like mine, decorate your own popsicle sticks. Cover your popsicle molds with tin foil. Use a pairing knife to slice a slit into the center of the popsicle and slide your popsicle stick through the slice in the foil.)

Put your coffee filled popsicle molds into the freezer for another 4 hours.


3. WHEN YOU'RE READY TO EAT. one by one, run your popsicle molds under hot running water for 10 seconds and then carefully pull them from their molds. Enjoy!!