Coffee Chia Seed Pudding

Shake things up! Eat your coffee for breakfast. Umm, I know, you're all in! Mix up your International Delight Mocha Coffee with your chia seeds before bed and then, sit back, relax and enjoy it bright and early before work—even for just ten minutes!

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  1. SHAKE THINGS UP. pour your International Delight mocha coffee into your mason jar.

    Add in your chia seeds.

    Close your mason jar and shake vigorously until your chia seeds look fully mixed into your coffee—about 1 minute.

    Refrigerate over night—or at the very minimum 4 hours.

  2. TOP IT OFF. scoop your chia seeds into the cup you plan to eat it out of.

    Layer your sliced bananas over half of your coffee chia seed pudding.

    Cover the other half of your pudding with your finely chopped walnuts.

    And, hello caffeinated delicious breakfast!