Cranberry Apple Punch

When I asked my friend Nick, "what words come to mind when you think about Friendsgiving", his response was succinct. "Drinks. My friends work hard and are ready to get tanked". Brilliant. Just brilliant. So, in anticipation, we mixed a cocktail worth sharing. So here I am sharing it with you so that in the spirit of Friendsgiving, you can go ahead and share it with your friends.

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  1. TO FILL YOUR PITCHER. over low heat, combine your cranberries, sugar and water.

    Stir consistently with your wooden spoon until your cranberries begin to pop—about 5 minutes.

    Transfer to your mason jar.

    Refrigerate till cooled—about 20 minutes.

    Scoop into your pitcher.

    Add in your apple slices, cinnamon, vodka and ginger beer.

    Mix and serve.