Dragon Fruit Bowls

Dragon Fruit Bowl
Dragon Fruit Bowl



As a New Yorker, with a plethora of shops that sell different takes on breakfast bowls, for some ridiculous reason, I still equate these kinds of bowls to California living. Maybe it's that they're cold and a lot of the year in New York it's also cold so it's not the no-brainer first choice. I don't know. What I do know is that they are so so SO delicious. So, I'm officially re-training my brain so that I can eat these bowls more often.


Not for nothing, they are extremely easy to make. You literally toss some ingredients into a blender, blend, and top with whatever you have on hand that makes the most sense. Seriously, again, how am I not making these all of the time? Better yet, I'm excited to make these ALL OF THE TIME!

EVER WONDER ABOUT HOW PEOPLE GET THOSE PRETTY DRAGON FRUIT BALLS? It's way easier than you may think! Make sure you buy a ripe dragon fruit and then using a melon baller, dig in deeper than you'd feel like you'd want to, twist, and pull up. Repeat that process to make each ball!






TOTAL TIME: 7 Minutes


6 Bowls



Dragon Fruit Smoothie Packs (14 oz, cut into chunks) Bananas (2) Blueberries (1 cup) Almond Milk (1/2 cup)


Shedded Sweetened Coconut Dragon Fruit (balled using a melon baller) Blueberries Granola or Granola Bar Squares (I used goodnessKNOWS squares)


Blender or Food Processor Melon Baller Bowls

1. TO MAKE YOUR DRAGON FRUIT BOWL BASE. in your blender, combine your dragon fruit smoothie pack chunks, bananas, blueberries and almond milk. 

Puree until you have an even thick mixture.

Pour into the bowls you plan to eat it out of (or store in air tight containers).


2. TO TOP YOUR BOWL. in triangular segments, lay down each of your toppers—your coconut, dragon fruit balls, blueberries, and granola snacks—on top of your dragon fruit bowl base.

Eat pretty!