Felix Felicis

This cocktail from mixologist Luis Hernandez of The Eddy is named after the Felix Felicis potion in the Harry Potter books. The potions effects are to give you liquid luck and make all of your endeavors lucky, it's characterized by its golden sparkling appearance.

Featured in BuzzFeed, this cocktail is quickly gaining a lot of excitement! Now, you can make it for yourself and see why! 

FYI, the potion for the Golden Cordial takes a week to brew, so definitely make sure to start mixing the magic ahead of time.

Photos were taken by Asia Coladner.

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PREP TIME: 1 week 2 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 1 week 2 minutes


1 Cocktail



Champagne (4 oz)

Gold Syrup (3/4 oz)

Green Chartreuse

Sugar Cube (1)


Cardamom Pods (6)

Manzanilla (250 ml)

White Sugar (125 g)

Hot Water (125 ml)

18k Edible Gold Powder (1 1/2 oz)


Mason Jar (8 Oz)

1. TO MAKE YOUR GOLD CORDIAL. fill an 8oz. jar with cardamom pods, hot water, and a spoonful of sugar. Completely cover all the ingredients with Manzanilla sherry and let sit for one week. Strain and add in 18k edible gold powder to desired luminesce.

2. TO ASSEMBLE YOUR COCKTAIL. soak a sugar cube in green chartreuse and set it at the bottom of the glass.

Fill the glass with champagne and top with gold cordial.

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