Inside Out Ragú Stuffed Fried Ravioli

I recently heard the story of Assunta Cantisano, a woman who knew she had something special in her hands and pushed and pushed till the world knew about it. She had written down every detail of her family's tomato sauce recipe made of a secret combination of vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, fennel, garlic and ground pepper, and tucked it away with her on her voyage from Italy to America.

Entering America during one of its hardest times, The Great Depression, when the people of our country were putting their hopes on the back burner and living merely to survive, Assunta pushed forward toward success. Her sauce recipe literally became her recipe for success. And, that is how Ragú pasta sauce came to be!

As a woman striving and pushing to build my own company, this story resonated with me. I had to try this sauce unaltered. After doing so, I was inspired to make an excitingly innovative yet simple dish that truly emphasized this tomato sauce. And, that's how this Inside Out Ragú Stuffed Fried Ravioli came to be!

Thanks, Assunta Cantisano, for continuing to inspire deliciousness! If you are like me and have a story that reminds you of or is inspired by Assunta Cantisano, share it with the Ragú community! They would love to hear it!

If that inspired story so leads you to create a recipe using Ragú, like it did for me, share it on for a chance to win $3000!

Ok. Let's get cooking!

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PREP TIME: 25 minutes

COOK TIME: 7 minutes


TOTAL TIME: 2 hours 32 minutes


12 Ravioli


All-Purpose Flour (3 ½ cups, plus extra for dusting your work station)

Eggs (5, beaten)

Ragú Traditional Tomato Sauce (1 cup, plus an extra 1/4 cup served hot for dipping your ravioli in)

Vegetable Oil (4 cups)

Reggiano Cheese (¼ cup, grated)


Ice Cube Tray


Large Mixing Bowl


Plastic Wrap

Rolling Pin


Round Cookie Cutter (or ravioli cutter if you want that more uniform feel)

Grated Metal Spatula


Paper Towel


Cheese Grater

1. TO MAKE YOUR FILLING. fill your ice cube tray with teaspoon-sized scoops of Ragú.

Freeze for 2 hours—or until frozen.


2. TO MAKE YOUR DOUGH. pour your flour into your mixing bowl (I did this part on a counter but due to messiness, I highly recommend doing it in a mixing bowl).

Using your hand, create a well in the center of your flour.

Add your eggs to the center of your flour.

Using the back of your fork, beat your eggs allowing more and more flour to get incorporated.

At first, this will look clumpy, then it will become dough.

If once all of your flour is incorporated your dough is sticky, add a little more flour.

Use your hands to knead your dough for 5 minutes straight.

Wrap in cling wrap and let sit at room temperature for 20 minutes.


3. TO MAKE YOUR RAVIOLI. dust your work surface with flour.

Using your rolling pin, roll out a quarter of your dough at a time as thinly as you possibly can.

Use your cookie cutter to cut out as many circles as you can.

Roll your remaining dough back into a ball and use your rolling pin to roll it out again.

Repeat the cookie cutting process.

Do this over and over again until you’ve used up all of your dough.

Lay one circle cut out in front of you.

Place a Ragú ice cube in its center.

Lay another circle cut out over your Ragú ice cube.

Press the edges of your circle cutouts together so that they close around your Ragú ice cube.

Use the prongs of your fork to press down on the edges of dough that you've just pressed together to seal them shut.

Repeat for all of your ravioli.


4. TO FRY YOUR RAVIOLI. pour your oil in your saucepan and heat it to 350°.

Line your plate with paper towel.

Cook your ravioli in small batches (I did three at a time) for 1 ½ minutes—or until evenly golden on both sides.

Be very careful not to allow water near your hot oil. It will harshly spray and pop every which way.

Your ravioli will float to the top of your pot. Flip them over every once in awhile using your metal slotted spatula for an even browning.

Using your spatula, transfer your fried ravioli to your paper towel lined plate.

This will soak up any excess oil.

Put your fried ravioli in a bowl.

Grate your cheese over your fried ravioli.

Pour some extra Ragú tomato sauce into a small bowl for extra dipping.