Just Chocolate Chip Cookie Chocolate Cheesecake

One amazing mouthful and I was hooked! I’ll explain. I first met the people behind Hampton Creek during My Gluttonous Stroll Through NYCWFF’s Grand Tasting. On this stroll, I had a mere sample-sized bite of their chocolate chip “Just Cookie Dough” and was immediately hooked. I fell head over heels when they told me that it’s made entirely without eggs. Yes! Finally! You do know what this means, it’s insanely dangerous—drum roll—you can eat it raw! So smart! Warning, if you start eating it, it’s nearly impossible to stop.

Eager to work together, I began coming up with ideas for a recipe worthy of taking the cake at Thanksgiving dinner (pun intended). So many awesome ideas came to mind that I would seriously like to make and eat. And then this happened. A truly wow-factor over the top delicious chocolate cheesecake with a Just Cookie Dough crust. It’s pure insanity. The all around hands down winner at Thanksgiving—no questions asked. And, if you’re not hosting, once refrigerated, it travels well! 

Ok. Enough method writing for me (yes, that eating a piece while writing about it). I’m off to finish eating my cheesecake awesomeness in peace. Enjoy being the most beloved person at Thanksgiving dinner!

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PREP TIME: 30 minutes

BAKE TIME: 1 hour 5 minutes

COOL TIME: 5 hours

TOTAL TIME: 6 hours, 35 minutes


1 Cake


Hampton Creek Just Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip (28oz. Minus Two Tablespoons For Snacking On—You’re Welcome)

Cream Cheese (16 Oz, Room Temperature)

Heavy Cream (1 Cup)

Semi-Sweet Chocolate (3/4 Cup)

Confectioners Sugar (2 Tbsp. Plus Extra For Topping)

Egg Yolk (2)

Egg White (4)


Rolling Pin

Wax Paper



10 Inch Springform Pan

Medium Mixing Bowl

Small Mixing Bowl

Rubber Spatula

1. TO MAKE YOUR JUST COOKIE CHOCOLATE CHIP CRUST. on a piece of wax paper, use your rolling pin to roll your cookie dough till it’s a 1/4 inch thick. Use your hands to press it into the bottom of your springform pan and then piece by piece up along it’s walls.

Put it in the refrigerator and let harden for 1 hour (continue on with your next steps).


2. TO MELT YOUR CHOCOLATE. in your saucepan over medium-high heat bring your heavy cream to a simmer. Turn off the heat.

Using your rubber spatula, incrementally, mix in your chocolate. Stir consistently until its one smooth texture.

Stir in your sugar.

Let your mixture cool till room temperature.

Note: transferring your chocolate mixture to a tempered bowl and then putting that bowl in another bowl filled with ice water will help to speed up this process if you are in a time crunch


3. TO CREAM YOUR CREAM CHEESE. put your cream cheese in your medium mixing bowl and using your hand mixer cream it on low speed until smooth and fluffy—about 3 minutes.

One by one, still using your hand mixer, mix in your egg yolks.


4. TO PEEK YOUR EGG WHITES. Note: thoroughly clean off your hand mixer before continuing onto this step.

Put your egg whites into your small mixing bowl. Use your hand mixer on low speed to bring it to foamy peeks—about 3 minutes.


5. TO FILL AND BAKE. preheat your oven to 325°.

While using your hand mixer in one hand, use your other to pour a slow steady stream of your chocolate into your creamed cream cheese. When it has formed an even color throughout, it is ready.

Using your spatula, gently fold your egg whites into this chocolaty cream cheese mixture—again aiming for a smooth even color.

Pour your mixture into your chocolate chip cookie pie crust in your springform pan and put it in the oven for 65 minutes.

Note: much like a souffle, the center will rise when in the oven during the baking process. Don’t worry about this, it will settle back down when it cools.

Carefully remove your now cheese cake from the oven and refrigerate it for 5 hours or overnight.

Then cut into it, and proudly serve, eat and enjoy!