Loaded Sweet Potato Waffles

It's been over a month already since my Coffee And Champagne brunch event and I'm still obsessing over these savory waffles. With bacon roses and lots of yams, I'm loving this new brunch-y take on meat and potatoes!

A special "thank you" to my friends at Fresh Direct for sponsoring all of the groceries not only for my event but for all of my recipe testing leading up to it!

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PREP TIME: 15 minutes

COOK TIME: 40 minutes, divided

TOTAL TIME: 55 minutes


6 Waffles



Sweet Potatoes (3, Peeled)

Okinawa Sweet Potatoes (4, Peeled)

All Purpose Flour (3 Cups)

White Sugar (4 Tbsp)

Baking Powder (6 Tsp)

Baking Soda (1 Tsp)

Salt (1/2 Tsp)

Unsalted Butter (8 Tbsp, Melted)

Eggs (3, Beaten)

Whole Milk (2 Cups)

Cooking Butter Spray (For Greasing Your Waffle Maker)


Green Onion (1 Stalk, Chopped)

Bacon (5, regular thickness slices)

French Breakfast Radishes (3. slice 1 of them)

Parmesan (2 Tbsp Of Long Slices—I sliced a block of cheese using a grater but you can also buy it pre-grated)

Fresh Cilantro (10 leaves)

Fresh Thyme (5 sprigs)

Avocado (1, halved and then vertically sliced)

Eggs (2, fried)


Waffle Maker

Large Mixing Bowl

Medium Mixing Bowl (3)

Metal Spatula




Food Processor

Rubber Spatula


Baking Sheet

Wire Rack

1. TO MAKE YOUR WAFFLES. fill your stockpot with water. Season it with salt.

Add in your your sweet potatoes and your Okinawa sweet potatoes. 

Boil until overly softened—about 30 minutes.


Puree 2 of your orange colored sweet potatoes in your food processor. Use your rubber spatula to transfer this puree into one of your medium mixing bowls.

Thoroughly clean your rubber spatula and your food processor.

Puree 3 of your purple colored Okinawa sweet potatoes in your food processor. Use your rubber spatula to transfer this puree into your other medium mixing bowl.

Set aside.

in your large mixing bowl, combine your flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt.

In your last medium mixing bowl, whisk together your eggs, milk and melted butter.

Pour your wet mixture over your dry one and mix together using your rubber spatula.

Leaving a few little bumps in your batter is a good thing. It will keep your waffles light and fluffy.

Using your ladle, evenly divide your batter over your two mixing bowls filled with your pureed sweet potatoes. 

Mix together using your rubber spatula. 

Preheat your waffle maker.

Grease your waffle maker with your butter spray. 

Ladle half of your orange sweet potato waffle batter into the center of your waffle maker. Close it and let it cook.

Grease your waffle maker and make your second orange sweet potato waffle

Clean your ladle. 

Continue repeating this process, this time with your purple Okinawa sweet potato waffle batter.

Layer your waffles either whole or in triangle quarters on the tray you plan to serve them off of.


2. TO TOP YOUR WAFFLES. preheat your oven to 400º.

Put your metal rack on your baking sheet.

Roll your bacon strips in to spirals and place them vertically on your metal rack.

Bake till crispy—about 15 minutes. 

In the meantime, place your avocado sliced halves on top of your waffles.

Slice your remaining two potatoes into 1/4 inch slices. Place your slices evenly over the tops of your waffles.

Sprinkle on your radish slices, chives, cilantro leaves and parmesan.

Place your two fried eggs on top of your waffles.

Once your bacon roses have finished cooking, place them evenly over your waffles.