Mashed Potato Lakes With Broccoli Purée And Rosemary Chicken Breast

Mashed Potato Lakes With Broccoli Purée And Rosemary Chicken Breast


James Beard Foundation

 When I think of Walmart, my first thought is a big store that has everything you could ever want or need. I don’t know why my brain didn’t extend this thought to produce. When I think about it, I knew they had produce but I didn’t know that they were focusing on locally grown produce. This is so great! I absolutely love using locally sourced, super fresh, organic, and easily accessible produce in my recipes. Naturally, I didn’t learn this on my own, no, no, no to have this “discovery” I needed an immersive experience to blow my mind. 

You see, I recently attended an event hosted by Walmart at the James Beard House where James Beard-winning chef JJ Johnson of Cecil in Harlem and the new restaurant Field Trip was using Walmart’s produce to create truly inspired canapés. That's only the start, you see, there was gorgeous produce everywhere the eye could see. I wanted to shop the event. A little broccoli in my purse here, a potato there—good thing Walmart knows me! Right in front of me was a stack of totes for my pilfering, ahem, well, I guess if they know I'm bagging it's not quite pilfering but you see where my head was nonetheless. Guys, the haul I schlepped home was nothing short of impressive (check the pictures for proof). I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Back to the partay! I have to tell you all of Chef JJ’s dishes were great, but the one that I couldn’t stop hearing chatter about from all of the other guests was the Watermelon Cucumber Salad with West African Peanut Sauce. I wish I could show you a photo but in all the excitement, I gobbled it up too fast. Before even swallowing, I knew what all of the oohs and ahhhs were about. I could independently taste each ingredient and the texture play was super exciting. There’s something about watermelon popping in your mouth and disintegrating revealing a slightly firmer-than-watermelon cucumber texture that is then finished with a familiar peanut-y flavor. All I needed was this one-bite canapé to consider myself inspired. 

James Beard Foundation

As with any event at the James Beard Foundation, there is a level of impressiveness that wows me. This particular evening this moment happened for me when one of the heads of Walmart gave pause to the room to thank the participating Rediscovering America chefs for both incorporating Walmart’s local and organic produce into their dishes and attending the event from both near and far. Oh yes, the people my bae plus-one and I had been sipping prosecco with knew their sh…stuff. We chatted the most with Chef Justin Beckett who flew in from Arizona where he owns two restaurants Beckett’s Table and Southern Rail. He was telling us a little about a grits dish he was making where the grits became a patty. You know the Jewish girl in me immediately thought of latkes. Non-traditional latkes. Oh man, my brain was on fire. Inspiration took over. Now is a good time to go back to that grocery tote swag bag that I filled to the brim (yes, there were two bottles of wine from Walmart’s private-label Winemakers Selection Wines in there too. Come on, you know this girl enjoys a couple of sips while cooking) ABRA CADABRA! I have a recipe for you! A recipe that combines my excitement for reimagining dishes, while also highlighting each perfectly selected delicious ingredient from Walmart. 

A little about my process. I knew I wanted to make a latke of sorts (thank you, Justin!) and then I thought about taking a simple concept and elevating it. One of my go-to dishes growing up was takeout Chinese Chicken with Broccoli. I couldn’t get that out of my head. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of the dish that stuck with me or maybe the ability to know that I could make my very own version of it. That all in mind, I created a mashed potato latke, topped with broccoli puree, and finished with garlic rosemary chicken breast dinner dish. FYI, if you wanted to make smaller latkes, you could a hundred percent transform this dish into canapés for a party. Without further ado… 

Mashed Potato Lakes With Broccoli Purée And Rosemary Chicken Breast


I've been dying to do this. I've been creating amazing purées for my nine-month-old baby boy. For all of the mamas and papas out there doing the same, consider making extra purée and topping it with a protein for your own dinner. More purée recos to come! In the meantime, make some extra broccoli purée for your little bub. Mine loved this one. 

And don’t forget to shop all your produce for Walmart. You’ll have an amazing assortment of fresh, locally grown and organic produce to choose from. 


Mashed Potato Lakes With Broccoli Purée And Rosemary Chicken Breast



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PREP TIME: 15 minutes

BAKE TIME: 15 minutes

COOK TIME: 15 minutes, divided

TOTAL TIME: 45 minutes


3 Servings



Red Potatoes (3, peeled and cut into quaters)

Garlic (2 cloves, minced)

Egg (1, beaten)

Rosemary (leaves from one stalk, finely chopped)



Vegetable Oil (2 tbsp)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 tbsp)


Broccoli (florets from 1 head)

Garlic (1 clove, minced)

Water (incorporate as needed for your desired smoothness)


Chicken Breast (3, washed and dried)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 tbsp)

Rosemary (leaves from one stalk, finely chopped)

Garlic Powder



Vegetable Oil (2 tbsp)


Sauce Pan with Lid (x2)

Medium Mixing Bowl

Rubber Spatula

Potato Masher

Food Processor

Baking Sheet



Frying Pan

Grease Splatter Screen (optional)

Plate Lined with Paper Towel

Meat Thermometer

Cutting Board

Chefs Knife

1. TO MAKE PREP YOUR VEGETABLES. put your chunks of potatoes in one sauce pan and your broccoli florets in the other.

Add water to both pots. Your water should come up about an inch high in your pan.

Cover both of your pots with their lids.

Turn your heat to high and bring both pots to a boil. Once boiling lower the heat to medium for a simmer.

Let your veggies simmer until they are soft. About 5-7 minutes. To test, stick a knife into your potato. If it easily slides both in and out of it, they are ready. As for the broccoli, I would recommend tasting a floret and if it’s mushy it’s perfect. Do remember to blow on it first so you don’t burn your tongue.

Transfer your potatoes to your mixing bowl.

Transfer your broccoli to your food processor.

2. TO MAKE YOUR MASHED POTATO LATKES. clean one of your sauce pans and then over high heat heat one tbsp of your extra virgin olive oil.

Add your minced garlic.

Use your spatula to consistently move your garlic for about 5 minutes. We are looking to “sweat” the garlic and get all of the juices out to really bring out the flavor. If you see any browning, remove your sauce pan from the heat and move onto the next step.

Pour your garlic over your potatoes in your mixing bowl.

Add your finely chopped rosemary, beaten egg, salt, and pepper.

Use your potato masher (or a muddler or fork if you don’t have one) to mash your potatoes. Once you have an even texture you’re done.

Divide your potato mixture into thirds. You don’t quite have to make patties. I used the spatula to shape them in the pan.

Heat your vegetable oil in your frying pan. To test if it’s hot enough, carefully let a single drop of water touch the oil. If it causes popping chaos, you’re ready.

Put all three sections of your potato mixture into their own space in the oil. They will not spread so don’t worry too much about how close they are.

Let them sit until the bottoms are golden brown—about 3 minutes. Then, flip and repeat.

Transfer them to your paper towel lined plate.

Set aside.

You’ll want to clean your frying pan so it’s ready for cooking your chicken.

3. TO MAKE YOUR BROCCOLI PUREE. set aside a few small pieces of broccoli for plating.

Add one clove of minced garlic to your now steamed broccoli in your food processor.

Blend until smooth. Feel free to add water as needed to make the purée your desired smoothness.

4. TO MAKE YOUR CHICKEN BREAST. preheat your oven to 350º.

Coat your chicken breast with your extra virgin olive oil.

Evenly sprinkle on your salt, pepper, garlic powder, and finely chopped rosemary.

Bake for 15 minutes. Your chicken will still be pretty white, don’t worry, we’re going to finish it off in the pan.

In your frying pan, heat your vegetable oil over high heat.

Place your chicken top down in the hot oil and let it sit until browned—about 5 minutes. I highly recommend using the grease splatter screen here.

Transfer your chicken to your cutting board and test it with your meat thermometer. At this point, your chicken should be around 155º. This is ideal. As it sits, its temperature will continue to rise to about 165º which is the right temperature for poultry to be cooked to. If you were to cook it straight to 165º and then let it sit, its temperature would rise to about 175º which will cause your chicken to dry out.

Let your chicken sit for 5 minutes.

Cut your chicken breasts in angled strips.

5. TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER. put your mashed potato latke on a plate.

Use a spoon to scoop on your desired amount of broccoli purée. I used 2 tbsp on each latke)

Lay your sliced chicken into the broccoli purée.

Stick those small pieces of broccoli you set aside into your purée.



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.