Pesto Jicama Shrimp Tower

A super fresh and healthy homemade date night dinner.


PREP TIME: 20 minutes

BAKE TIME: 25 Minutes

COOK TIME: 5 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 50 minutes


4 Servings


Medium Shrimp (30, Peeled And Ready To Cook)

Jicama (1, Peeled And Cut Into Cubes)

Garlic (2, Cloves)

Fresh Basil (30 Large Leaves. Plus 8 Additional Leaves For Plating)

Baby Brussel Sprouts (30)

Okra (10, Each Cut Into Thirds)

Capers (2 Tsp)

Endive (4 Leaves, Cut Into Strips)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5 Tbsp, Divided)

Garlic Powder





12" Nonstick Frying Pan

Metal Spatula

Rubber Spatula

Medium Mixing Bowl

Baking Sheet

Tin Foil (Optional For Wrapping The Baking Sheet)

Cutting Board

Chef's Knife

Food Processor (Or Blender)

Round Cookie Cutter


Paper Towel

1. TO HEAT YOUR INGREDIENTS. preheat your oven to 400º.

Toss your brussel sprouts in 1/2 tbsp of olive oil and salt in your mixing bowl. Transfer them to your baking sheet—making sure that they only take up half of it.

Separately, toss your cut pieces of okra in 1/2 tbsp of olive oil, salt and pepper. Pour them onto the empty side of your baking sheet.

Bake for 25 minutes and then remove the okra from your baking sheet. Put the brussel sprouts back in the oven.

Bake for 5 additional minutes and then take your brussel sprouts out of the oven.


2. TO MAKE YOUR JICAMA. blend your jicama cubes in your food processor. Blend till pureed—about 2 minutes.

Once pureed, transfer your jicama into your saucepan.

Use your rubber spatula to mix in 1/4 cup of water, salt and pepper.

Simmer over medium heat for 10 minutes.

Move onto your next step while your jicama is cooking.


3. PESTO CHANGE-O. put your 30 basil leaves in your food processor along with your garlic cloves and 3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil.

Puree until you have pesto—about 1 1/2 minutes.


4. TO MAKE YOUR SHRIMP. in your mixing bowl, toss your shrimp together with salt, pepper, garlic powder and 1/2 tbsp.

Coat your frying pan in olive oil. Heat it.

Your olive oil is hot enough when your shrimp touches it and it immediately sizzles.

Lay your shrimp out on your frying pan and cook for 3 minutes.

Flip your shrimp and cook for an additional 2 minutes—or till fully cooked.


5. TO PLATE IT. place your round cookie cutter in the center of your plate.

Fill it's center with your cooked jicama using your rubber spatula to press it in.

Water may come out. If so, use your paper towel to dry it up.

Slowly pull off your cookie cutter.

Lay one leaf's worth of endive slices next to your jicama.

Pile 5 shrimp on top of your jicama.

In the holes between your shrimp, stick your brussel sprouts and okra slices.

Sprinkle on 1/2 tsp of capers on each serving.

Use your spoon to drizzle your pesto over your dish.

Finish off your dish with 2 whole basil leaves.