Potatoes Au Gratin

When the holidays come around, I'm all about impressing my closest friends and family with not only super delicious dishes but really pretty ones, too! I want them to be wowed when they see it and then upon taking their first bite, be wowing again before even swallowing—that's my epic holiday win.

This year, I'm all about these potatoes au gratin that I made using that extra creamy richness from Silk's Original Silk Soy Creamer; it gives the perfect amount of flavor to this already beautiful potato dish.

Now, I'm counting down the days till the holiday dinners so I can sit back, watch my cousin take her first bite, nudge my sister and with a full mouth tell her how badly she needs to try it! That's the best gift of them all. I' can't wait!

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Let's get cookin'!

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PREP TIME: 10 minutes

BAKE TIME: 1 hour

COOK TIME: 15 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 1 hour 25 minutes


4 - 6 Servings


Red Potatoes (1 lb, sliced—I used a mandolin so that they were evenly sliced)

Shallot (1, minced)

Fresh Rosemary (1 tbsp, finely chopped)

Fresh Sage (1/2 tsp, finely chopped)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 tbsp)

Original Silk Soy Creamer (1 cup)

Chicken Stock (1 cup)






Wooden Spoon

6" Cake Pan

Baking Sheet (Optional)

Tin Foil

Cook's Torch

1. THE SEASONING SAUCE FOR YOUR POTATOES. over medium heat, heat your olive oil in your saucepan.

Add your shallots.

Using your wooden spoon, move your shallots around continuously to sweat them—roughly 4 minutes.

Add your rosemary, sage salt, and pepper.

Add your Silk Soy Creamer and your chicken stock.

Let it cook down and reduce for 10 minutes.


2. TO LAYER. preheat your oven to 400°.

Coat your cake pan with olive oil.

Overlap your potato slices so that they cover the bottom of your cake pan.

Coat your potatoes with 2 tbsp of your reduced seasoning sauce.

Sprinkle with a little extra salt and pepper.

Add another layer of overlapping potatoes on making sure to fill in as many holes as you can from the first layer.

Add 2 more tbsp of sauce.

Continue this layering process until you have filled your cake pan.


3. TO BAKE. tent a piece of tin foil over your cake pan.

For ease of moving things around, place your cake pan on your baking sheet.

Bake for 1 hour.

Making sure to wear your oven mitts, flip your cake pan over onto the plate you plan to serve your potato au gratin off of.

Using your torch, burn the edges of your potatoes a bit further to get that extra crunch.

Serve hot and enjoy!