Spiced Carrot Margarita

This margarita was created by Daniel Wyllie, our opening manager at Flinders Lane and has been a customer favorite ever since. We wanted a play on the classic margarita, so we added a savory, spicy element to this drink. Since we like to incorporate fresh juices where we can, we used the natural sweetness of the carrots, cardamom, the chili's heat and the smokiness of the Mezcal to bring this drink together.

Photo taken by Asia Coladner

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PREP TIME: 3 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 3 minutes


1 Cocktail


Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur (.5 oz)

Mezcal (.5 oz)



Juice (1 oz)

Cardamom-Infused Simple Syrup (1/2 oz)

Lime Juice (1/2 oz)

Dehydrated Carrot Pulp




Rocks Glass

1. TO MAKE YOUR MARGERITA. grind your dehydrated carrot pulp and salt in your spice grinder.

Coat the rim of your rocks glass with your carrot salt mixture.

To do this, I like to put my salt mixture on a small plate and a touch of water on a separate small plate. I dip the rim of my glass in the water first and then in the salt so that it adheresβ€”Michelle Williams

In your shaker, shake all of your ingredients.

Strain it into your salted rimmed rocks glass.

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