Tequila And Chocolate Coated Tortilla Chips

On Cinco De Mayo, we should be eat, drinking and, well, drinking some more tequila. 

  1. TO MAKE YOUR CHOCOLATE COVERED CHIPS. line your baking sheet with your wax paper.


    Fill your saucepan roughly an inch high with water.


    Rest your mixing bowl in your saucepan.


    Turn your heat to medium.


    Pour in your chocolate chips, then your heavy cream, lime juice and tequila.


    Use your rubber spatula to occasionally fold your mixture until you have a smooth thinned chocolate sauce.


    Using your oven mitt, in your less dominant hand, hold the mixing bowl in your saucepan, dip a tortilla chip into your chocolate and then tilt your mixing bowl so that the chocolate coats more of your chip.

    Keep your mixing bowl in your heating saucepan, it will keep your chocolate from hardening.

    Lay your chocolate coated chip onto your wax paper lined baking sheet.

    Once your baking sheet is full of chips, sprinkle your salt(s) over the chocolate.

    Refrigerate for 10 minutes.

  2. TO MAKE YOUR TEQUILA WHIPPED CREAM. in your second medium mixing bowl, combine your whipping cream, confectioners sugar and tequila.

    Use your whisk to vigorously beat your mixture until it reaches soft peaks—about 3-5 minutes.