Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey And Stuffing Meatball Sub

These meatballs have Thanksgiving stamped all over them. Use those tools and pop your leftover white and dark meat into the food processor, ensuring an even coarse grind just like ground turkey. Mixed up with that already perfect stuffing you slaved away at and you’ve never had a more tender turkey ball. Layer in a sliced sub roll, doused in sweet-tart cranberry sauce and a drizzle of gravy and try and stop your family from cleaning their plates! Suddenly, lunch is served all week long. 


PREP TIME: 20 minutes

COOK TIME: 6 minutes

BAKE TIME: 10 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 36 minutes


20 Turkey Balls


Turkey (1 lb)

Stuffing (1 cup)

Sub Roll

Canola Oil

Gravy (for dipping)

Cranberry Sauce (for dipping)


Food Processor

Large Mixing Bowl

12" Oven-Safe Frying Pan


1. TO MAKE YOUR BALLS. blend down your leftover turkey slices in your food processor until you have coarsely ground pieces—about 1 minute.

If you have any difficulty blending, add a tablespoon of water to help the blades cut through the turkey more smoothly. 

Using your hands, combine your ground turkey and your stuffing in your mixing bowl until evenly incorporated.

Use your hands to roll your mixture into 1 1/2 inch thick balls.

2. TO COOK YOUR BALLS. preheat your oven to 350°.

Over high heat, coat your frying pan in canola oil. 

Once the oil is hot, place your turkey balls into your frying pan.

Sear till dark brown—about 3 minutes. 

Using your tongs, flip your turkey balls and sear them again—about 3 minutes.

Place your frying pan into the oven and let bake for 10 minutes.

You can stop here and have a batch of awesome Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing balls or you can continue on to make your sub.

3. TO MAKE YOUR TURKEY MEATBALL SUB. slice your sub roll in half.

Spoon in cranberry sauce to your liking.

Stuff your balls into your cranberry sauce filled sub roll.

Drizzle on gravy on to your liking.