The Chill Pill

Happy National Watermelon Day! Talk about a great reason for an even greater cocktail—it's always time for a toast! Before we jump into this great recipe created by Luis Hernandez of The Eddy, let's get some words from him first.

"This is a play on a more refreshing Michelada made with watermelon. It's more on the sour side, a very easy drinking cocktail with a bit of a kick, and also has the advantage of being very customizable, spirits-wise.

This name comes from a Bob's Burgers episode called “ The Unbearable Likeness of Gene." The name is open to interpretation, but the cocktail is very refreshing and definitely something to chill with."

Photography taken by Asia Coladner

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  1. TO MAKE YOUR WATERMELON PUREE. puree your watermelon, chipotle, mint, salt, sugar and nigori sake in you food processor.

  2. TO MAKE YOUR COCKTAIL. the idea is to build and then stir.

    First add in your whiskey, then watermelon puree, then lime juice, then beer.

    Stir it all together.


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