Lunching at Bagatelle is a far calmer experience than the crazy party styled brunch and dinner meals you know them for. I hear the servers at the over-the-top champagne drenched brunches wear costumes and perform for tables—like all out costumes, I'm talking from The Pink Panther to Batman. I'm not entirely sure if I absolutely need to witness this first hand or if I should avoid it like the plague.

Sitting at their white tablecloth covered white round table nestled in the corner surrounded by the windowed doors that line the side of the restaurant, I found myself gluttonously extending my fork wielding arm across the table and into each dish. Lunch is amazing! No matter how terrified I may be, that alone will get me back in the door to try out their other menus. With dishes like their Croque Madame and Whole Truffle Roasted Chicken, the menu is diverse without being long and overwhelming. The huge perk is that there is a mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner styled dishes allowing the menu to satisfy every mid-afternoon mood. 

There is so much to recommend, it's crazy! Let's just go with the ones you should regret if you left the restaurant without having eaten. The perfectly cooked tender and extremely flavorful Whole Truffle Roasted Chicken cannot be missed. The Croque Madame was demolished, get it! The Avocado Toast with the onions and the added poached egg has killer flavors. Of course, you need to order a bunch of pastry chef David Zaquine's desserts! The Yuzu White Chocolate Tart is killer—with the freshness of the Yuzu, it doubles as a palate cleanser. You'll love!

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