Baker's Pizza

Baker's Pizza

Baker’s Pizza is a hole-in-the-wall pizza place has that perfect mix of old school NYC pizza joint and trendy Lower East Side vibe. An incognito white piano butted up against the wall, lots of scattered framed photography of trendy people and black highboy tables, it’s the perfect place to stop for a quick slice. 

“Tell us your story”

“Well, I live here [owner Jordan Baker says while pointing to the right]. I worked in next door [points to the left]. This pizza place was in the middle. The guy told me he was selling it and I always wanted a pizza place, so I bought it. Yeah, that's about it.”

Oh, Baker definitely knows what he's doing, cause this born and raised New York pizza snob is entirely obsessed with their dope slices!

When it comes to the magic behind their slices, Pizza Chef Jamie Cacace is the man to talk to. Pizza baking having run in his family and in turn basically written into his DNA, he once upon a time took a break from the craft to work as a line chef in some higher end restaurants. But, pizza was his calling! You can definitely see the high end techniques that he learned on the line in each of his slices. I don't want to call them elevated because that implies that they don't have that classic NYC slice feel—they are classic with a twist! With criss crossing sauce drizzles here, cheese dollops there and meat placed in between, the aesthetic of each slice is thoughtfully crafted and is so not just a display of toppings tossed down from as high as the arm can reach, like most beloved pizza joints we all know and love. This, friends, is above and beyond!