Located on the third floor of the Park Hyatt hotel just south of Central Park is where you’ll find Chef Cad Brauze’s restaurant Bevy. Now, before I delve deeper, I have to tell you about Chef Chad Brauze. Not the stories you’ll read in interviews and articles about him but a personal experience. Years ago, when I was working a nine-to-five and I was still calling Coffee And Champagne my “passion project” or “hobby”, I went out to my weekly Wednesday night dinner with my grandmother. This particular week’s was at Rotisserie Georgette. Somewhere in between dinner and dessert, I pulled my camera out of my purse, walked over to the open kitchen to take a photo of the industrial hanging lights being enveloped by the warm glow of the kitchen. Out came the executive chef who with a contagious energetic excitement invited me into his kitchen to see the whole pig cooking on a rotisserie of sorts. That was the day I met Chef Chad Brauze. It was more than that. It was the day I went from knowing that chefs existed to actually caring about them, their methods, their drive—it all.

When I discovered that this chef, who was trained by masters Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud, was the man behind Bevy, I had already eaten my way through the entire menu. That’s right, I didn’t have time to do my usual research before heading out to dinner, so I flew blind. Sitting at the table with my cousin, he spoiled us. Every single dish came out came out of his kitchen both savory and sweet. The underlying theme being that each dish celebrated the ingredients within it. It wasn’t about putting as many ingredients into one dish as possible, it was about celebrating the freshness and importance of every individual heirloom carrot, slice of radish, grain of farro, stalk of asparagus—it was incredible!

It was by the end of our meal that Chef Chad Brauze came out, pulled up a chair at our table, I saw his face and immediately had my “aha, this makes so much sense” moment. I knew the quality, skill and execution of this chef. It all felt somewhat familiar. It was the perfect experience. We sat there, in the now empty restaurant, chatting about the care he takes with every decision he makes. How working with several local farms and the-best-of-the-best produce and products is one of his main focuses. It was everything one would gather through the flavor story that each of his dishes narrated and spoken with great pride, confidence and that same excitement I saw that first day I met him at Rotisserie Georgette. Bevy is that elevated night out or impress a client kind of places that you absolutely need to  book a table at, STAT!

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