Chefs Club

Chefs Club

Hats off to the chef(s)!



All photos were taken at the Chef Jordan Andino Filipino tasting menu meal.


When you do what I do for a living, you can imagine the question I get on a weekly, if not daily basis. Yup, you go it, it’s “what is your favorite restaurant?”. Forever my response was, “I’m in so many restaurants—like four a day, sometimes—that that answer is constantly changing so my answer today will be different than tomorrow”. It’s like why I don’t have any tattoos. I just fear that looking at it and constantly want to change it. It’s a big decision I don’t feel the impeding need to commit to. Well, that all changed a few months ago when I visited Chefs Club. Going back a few times, now, I am ready to commit. Chefs Club is my favorite restaurant. Really, it’s the perfect fit for me. It makes so much sense!


As you know, I love working with, talking to, learning from and exploring the kitchens of chefs. That said, the underlying concept behind Chefs Club is that the restaurant brings in chefs from all around the world for a select amount of days to train their culinary team and take over the restaurant. It’s a moment in the spotlight for these incredibly talented chefs. One side of the menu is dedicated to the guest chef and the other is the restaurant’s seasonally developed in-house menu which makes it easy to experience Chefs Club as you would any other restaurant knowing that you are comfortable with the existing menu or visit it for the exciting pop-up their guest chef of the moment is turning out. An ever evolving restaurant, so perfect for me!


It certainly doesn’t hurt that the space is one I would move into in a heartbeat. Like, the day I move, I want their team to pay a visit to my house and do an HGTV styled makeover, kind of gorgeous. From the open kitchen enveloped in white marble, to the wooden bar and the wrought iron details weaving through the entire restaurant, the decor at Chefs Club serves as an example of what the industrial chic aesthetic should be. Ugh, love it there! And, duh, you will too!

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