Little says “the lower East Side” better than exposed brick and ripped overlapping poster clad walls. Curating these details, in a far more refined way—like with a wall enveloped with the ripped artwork from artist Jeremy Penn—owners Todd Birnbaum and  Dennis Bogart paid homage to the old world feel of the neighborhood in upscale way with their restaurant Clancey. Pairing this decor with a diverse though not disparate menu they will surely bring in the younger trend seeking crowd while also getting those nostalgic business folk. It’s a small space seating about seventy people so if you’re into it, make a reservation STAT.

Back to that diverse menu part. Honestly, the menu looks like a compilation of dishes New Yorkers find to be no-brainers when looking at a menu. From the classics like lo mein which anyone growing up in New York had in their regular takeout order.

“When I was younger, I would order a second order of Pork Lo Mein to eat the next day because it tastes better cold—that’s why we called ours ‘Yesterday’s Lo Mein’” — Todd Birnbaum

To a grilled cheese with fried egg that I may or may not have found myself ordering late night, eh, early morning at a diner. The only differences here are that these dishes are elevated takes on those New Yorker comfort foods. So instead of that simple grilled cheese, an epic Truffle Grilled Cheese with Asparagus and Runny Eggs is plated. And, man, does that truffle flavor take, well, really any food to the next level. Apply this sentiment to the whole menu and go and enjoy!

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