Coco & Cru

With an unheard of forty-eight hour turn around, renovations were completed and I can officially announce that your new favorite Aussie cafe COCO & CRU is up and running! Opening its doors on what was, until now, that doomed corner on Broadway and Bleecker where restaurants just seem to epically fail, they have created a space that's so good that I promise you it will have lines down the block—ahem, go ASAP! 

Perfect for summer, they open their floor-to-ceiling windowed doors making the space feel extra open and bright. The space is gorgeous! With wooden floors; white tiled walls with yellow trim; natural wood tables and counters and a bar outfitted with a row of iced coffee, tea and Arnold Palmer on draft, I was begging their marketing director Alex Glen (you know him as one of the partners at Sauce, or perhaps you know him because he went to my high school—Go Cougars!—such a small world) to open up a location on the UES so that I could make it my home away from, though close to, home. 

If I weren't sold on the sunny space alone, the food is out-of-this-world. Thank you Aussies for having such rich and clean palettes! Operating partner Cory Lee, who’s gorgeous children Coco and Cru are who the restaurant is named after, has his hands in every single part of this café. From cooking, to being behind the bar, to even bussing our table, he is the striking face that is always bearing a smile at his gorgeous café. My god, he even put together the most insanely delicious café menu. I could literally go in every day, order something different and never feel bored or like I was sacrificing what I really wanted. That said, get the Huevos Rancheros, with great but not overwhelming heat, sunny side up eggs, refried beans, queso fresco and avocado, they are by far the best implementation of this dish that I've had to date. You will love! I was also really excited by the Avocado Toast—I know, I know, it's so overdone that it gets boring these days, not this one with its giant slabs of smoked mozzarella. I’m obsessed! Pair these with a cup of their killer iced coffee or a spiked otherwise healthy green juice and you're off to what will be an absolutely wonderful day!