EDEN Local



Did you just find yourself stuck with the job of finding a restaurant in the Far West 40s? Jesus, I'm sorry. Until recently I wouldn't be able to help you much but since the opening of EDEN Local, I’ve so got your back.

There's not much I recommended around the Port Authority area so know that recommending this restaurant means a lot. With its beautiful wooden decor, sprawling bar, and ample hanging greenery EDEN Local is the perfect oasis in an otherwise unadorned part of town.

From the Heritage Pork Belly to the perfectly curated vegan Kabocha Gnocchi, carnivore to vegan, everyone who comes hungry for Chef Frances Tariga’s masterfully artistic dishes will for sure leave happy. I did. 

Bonus: If you’re suffering from a food coma, get a room, the restaurant is attached to the Cachet Boutique hotel.