“That was something special” my girlfriend said as the three of us rolled out of a preview of Fifty Restaurant’s brunch. Simply stated, not over embellished, she had just verbalized my thoughts to a T. Eating out as often as I do, when a meal stands out, when I can’t control my eating and ravenously devour every ounce of food placed in front of me, that, that is something special, for sure.

A new and exciting approach to American cuisine, chef Luis Jaramillo has crafted a unique and exciting brunch that is a combination of homey and comforting. I cannot tell you how addicted I was to the Spicy Tuna Avocado Toast I was. Holy crap. Honestly, it’s like a less finely chopped version of the spicy tuna you’d get in a sushi roll, heaped on top of an incredibly smooth and even avocado puree on a long crisp toast point. I really didn’t want to have to share this one with my friends. I physically had to hold my fork hand down with my other hand—that was the most self control I could muster in that moment. Don’t be too proud, my hand wasn’t held down for more than fifty seconds before I dug my fork into the House Baked Nutella Babka French Toast that was topped with a mountain of whipped cream and sprinkled with salted pistachios. Nope, that’s not all, there are fried bananas hidden under that whipped cream. Somehow, my fork aimed to find each and every one. Oh god, I was entirely out of control. Seriously, the thought literally crossed my mind as I was elbow deep in their cast iron skillet of mac and cheese that I  hadn’t even looked up. I mean, where was I.

There above the horizon line of my food was a beautiful restaurant. I had been here before. It’s been taken over, renamed, reimagined and, well, you get by my ravings about the food, super exciting. For the second or two that I peered around, I noted the beautiful white with grey veined marble bar top that sits on a black base with a line of middle grey microfiber backed barstools. Shorter versions of those chairs surround wooden tables throughout the restaurant’s space. The space feels vast because aside from its vertical white subway tiled walls, large mirrors,barred windows and deep terracotta pin-tucked couch-like seating that lines the walls in the main dining area,  the space is left relatively unadorned. The space is beautiful, clean and simple which really draws your eye to their masterful menu.

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