Loopy Doopy

The beauty of Conrad New York's Loopy Doopy rooftop bar is it's complex take on simplicity. With its quintessential views of Lady Liberty and boat traffic that you can only experience from a bird's eye view in Battery Park. Loopy Doopy is all about uniquely exciting cocktails in the perfect open air environment.

It's the  bar to head to about an hour before sunset to grab a seat and an awesome cocktail with a friend and watch the sunset.

And, that's just what my girl friend Alyssa Levine of Runway Chef and I did! We dressed up in our NYC-chic rooftop cocktail attire with our glamorous baubles from BaubleBar, our comfy Easy Spirit heels for the albeit slight trek to and from the train, our fabulous Rebecca Minkoff bags, and our stunning makeovers and updos from Priv! Definitely delve deeper into our oh-so-gorg looks in Alyssa's article Thirsty Thursday on Runway Chef! Cause with these fun looks and those awesome cocktails, this is a perfect recipe for girls just wanting to have fun!


Oh, those cocktails! One word, incredible! Warning though, I had two and didn't quite realize how happily loopy and doopy I had become—what a fun way to get there!

Picture it with me, there are a selection of five different types of boozy popsicles—not straight alcohol, but more of a frozen cocktail in the form of a popsicle. You can't go wrong with any of the flavors—no, really! There's Raspberry-Thyme, Blackberry-Mint, Red Pum-Basil, Peach-Ginger and Pear-Vanilla. Let's just say, they're made by the awesome people over at People's Pops—yup, I know, People's Pops plus prosecco, that says it all!

Definitely don't hold back! Indulge your inner child and enjoy a couple bites out of your popsicle and then let the rest melt into your glass for what makes a fantastic cocktail to satiate your over twenty-one year old self.

You'll have a blast! Though, it's really really hard not to! Plus, think about it with me for a sec. If you've found yourself getting a little beyond loopy and doopy, the bar is located on the roof of the Conrad Hotel—hello, throw on some branded shades, make your way to the front desk, book a room and live it all over again tomorrow (hehe, love making myself laugh while writing)!